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Update: New Costco Fresh Sushi Option

Costco Fresh Sushi

Select Costco stores carry fresh sushi...including my Costco warehouse…and this week we got a brand new Costco fresh sushi option! I found this Salmon Deluxe Sushi box- which has 6 pieces of Salmon Nigiri and a cut roll with 9 pieces.

New Fresh Salmon Sushi at Costco
New Fresh Salmon Sushi at Costco

New Costco Fresh Sushi in-store!

Now, this might not seem like a big deal – BUT – previously all of the Costco fresh sushi options in my store have been cooked. Think california roll. They were various rolls with cooked fish…but no actual raw fish aka traditional sushi. So when I saw this…I was excited!


Of course this fresh salmon sushi at Costco also comes with chopsticks, soy sauce, ginger and wasabi…so you can pick it up and eat it for lunch and you have everything you need.

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I found this salmon fresh sushi at Costco in Marina Del Rey, CA.

See our full post on Costco fresh sushi here for the Costco sushi platter and Costco sushi price overview.


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We Want Your Review of Fresh Sushi at Costco!

Have you tried the fresh sushi at Costco where you live? What kind does your store offer? Please share your Costco fresh sushi reviews here!

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