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Kirkland Signature Shrimp Cocktail at Costco

Ready-to-Serve Shrimp Cocktail at Costco Includes Cocktail Sauce and Fresh Lemon Wedges

Shrimp cocktail at Costco is a super easy and classic appetizer – especially this time of year as it’s a popular party food. Or you can just eat your shrimp cocktail as a meal (we might be guilty of that sometimes). The fully cooked peeled shrimp come with a zesty cocktail sauce (which has a little kick!) and lemon wedges – shrimp cocktail is always a crowd pleaser and easy way to step up your holiday or party starters. Pair it with King Crab Legs for a seafood extravaganza!

Kirkland Signature Shrimp Tray with Cocktail Sauce & Lemon

shrimp cocktail at costco
Costco Deli Shrimp Cocktail Review at CostContessa.com

Why We Like the Costco Shrimp Cocktail – Review

Pop the top off, open the cocktail sauce, give it a squeeze of the fresh lemon (included) and voila! Shrimp cocktail! It’s good, it’s easy, it’s a lean protein, it makes a fancy appetizer, and it’s already cooked and ready to eat.


The portion size is good for us, as seafood goes bad quickly (especially shellfish) so you need to make sure you can eat this much – but over 2 days we snack on it, toss some on a salad, sometimes we saute it into a pasta dish, and we can easily go through it and make a few meals from it.

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Costco used to have a shrimp ceviche that was AMAZING. We beg you Costco, bring it back!! Till then we’ll take the shrimp cocktail πŸ™‚ Pro Tip: We spotted an eerily similar shrimp ceviche at Sam’s Club recently…we haven’t tried that one yet, but while we’re talking shrimp just throwing it out there…if you’ve tried that please LET ME KNOW HOW IT WAS!

Shrimp Cocktail at Costco Price & Item Number

Kirkland Signature Shrimp Tray with Cocktail Sauce & Lemon is Costco item number 11159 and costs $8.99 per pound, and generally come in about 1.5-1.75 lbs. packages. For 1.6 lbs you can expect to pay $14.38.

Where to Find It In-Store

You’ll find these ready to serve shrimp cocktail packs in the refrigerated cases near the Deli year-round. You can also buy larger frozen shrimp cocktail platters seasonally around the holidays.

Nutritional Panel

The shrimp cocktail at Costco has approximately 80 calories per serving, 0 fat, 0 saturated fat, and 5g of carbs. It has 14g of protein.

Kirkland Signature Shrimp Cocktail at Costco - CostContessa

Serving Ideas for Shrimp Cocktail

Besides the obvious…shrimp cocktail…there are a lot of ways to use prepared cold shrimp!

  • Shrimp Scampi
  • Shrimp Tacos
  • Shrimp Salad
  • Shrimp Stir Fry
  • Shrimp Alfredo
  • Grilled Shrimp Skewers
  • Shrimp and Grits
  • Shrimp Fried Rice
  • Shrimp Egg Rolls
  • Shrimp Boil

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  1. When buying the shrimp cocktail I found the the container not to have a safety strip before opening just snap open.

  2. Does the nutrition information (panel) you provided include nutrition details for the cocktail sauce as well or only for the shrimp???? Thx!

    1. I’ve never seen it for sale at Costco, but that’s a great question! I’ll let you know if I find out…I wish I knew too πŸ™‚

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