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Back for a Thanksgiving cameo, the Kirkland Signature deli pre-made real mashed potatoes at Costco are now in stores. These are extra large sized to feed a crowd – or see below for some serving ideas to use all of these up! A fall favorite, and holiday meal essential…these are REAL mashed potatoes without all the peeling, and boiling and mashing and seasoning…you just heat and serve!

I remove them from the packaging and microwave them. You can also move them into a baking dish and bake them to warm them up. They are fully cooked though, so do what is easy for you on the big day!

mashed potatoes at costco
Pre-made yukon gold mashed potatoes at Costco are back in store for Thanksgiving 2022.

Why I like the Costco Mashed Potatoes

I’ve said it before and I”ll say it again…when hosting a large meal we all have to outsource some. In my opinion, peeling, boiling and mashing potatoes is pretty basic stuff. I can always add a little dash of this or that to these, but by shortcutting the whole process I save a lot of time and mess in my kitchen on a busy day.

I honestly can’t say that if I made mine homemade they’d taste any different. These are good, and I definitely recommend these as an item to outsource and just buy pre-made!

Costco Price & Item Number

Yukon Gold mashed potatoes are Costco item number 14265 and cost  $1.99 per pound. It’ll cost around $10 per package, give or take a buck or two.

Where to Find Mashed Potatoes at Costco

You can find the Kirkland Signature Deli Yukon Gold mashed potato clam shells in the open refrigerated cases in the deli area.

Note: these are only available around the holidays.

Costco Pre-Made Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes for Thanksgiving
Fresh real mashed potatoes from the Costco Deli

Do you buy these pre-made mashed potatoes from Costco? What do you think, do you recommend them? How do you heat them up?

Serving Ideas

Beyond their intended Thanksgiving dinner usage, there are tons of great meals that go well with mashed potatoes. So if you’re wondering how to use this giant flat of mashed potatoes, we’ve got some ideas!

Pair it with any of the following to round off your meal (well, maybe add some veggies too!)

Doctor it up, and make plain mashed potatoes into more flavorful mashed potatoes!

  • Add roasted garlic to make garlic mashed potatoes
  • Add pieces of lobster to make Lobster mashed potatoes
  • Add pieces of king crab to make crab mashed potatoes
  • Layer it with hamburger and corn for shepherd’s pie

Or check out these recipes to use up leftover mashed potatoes!

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