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Costco Sweet Potatoes for Thanksgiving

costco sweet potatoes

Costco has tons of great holiday meal options, like these housemade fresh Costco sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year, and we love hosting…but it’s SO MUCH WORK. If you’re like me, then you’re looking for an easy shortcut (or three) for some Thanksgiving Dinner sides – cue the Kirkland Signature Mashed Sweet Potatoes from the Costco deli. These are a fan favorite, easy to prepare, made wtih simple ingredients and taste delicious! Much easier than peeling and mashing and cleaning up after it all!

These are fully mashed and prepped, with added pats of butter on top (you can remove if you’re aiming for a lower fat option), and you just heat and serve them! They are nicely sweetened with brown sugar, not overly sweet, but definitely sweet! Costco also offers premade traditional yukon gold mashed potatoes.


Although these Costco sweet potatoes aren’t labeled gluten free, from our reading of the ingredients, we think these are suitable for a gluten free diet. Please always check that yourself though!! Your store could make them different, recipes change, etc!

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Our Review

Sometimes prepared foods are made with all sorts of stuff that you would never use at home – and sometimes food is made exactly how you’d make them at home. The latter are the ones we love to buy – and these are SUPER simple ingredients (see below) – they’re basically just what youd use at home but without peeling and dicing and mashing. If you’re looking to outsource a few parts of your meal prep, we think these are a good one! Recommend!

Heat & Serve

I usually transfer them to another dish and microwave them or bake them for a bit. They’re fully prepared, so any way you prefer to heat them up will work just fine.

Microwave Cooking Instructions: Remove plasti clid, cover with food wrap and heat on high for 8 minutes. Remove and stir butter pats into potatoes. Heat for additional 8 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165F.

Do not put the container in the oven! It’s microwave safe but not oven πŸ™‚

Costco Sweet Potatoes Price & Item Number

Kirkland Signature Housemade Deli Mashed Sweet Potatoes are Costco item Number 14272 and cost $2.49 per pound. Same price as last year, no inflation on these, yay!

Each package is about 5 lbs and will cost around $12-$13 total.

From the date they are packed on in the deli, they have a sell by of about 6 days. I would expect they’d stay good a few days longer, but that’s up to you to decide on πŸ™‚

Last Price Check: 11/17/2023


Sweet potatoes, whole milk, brown sugar, butter (sweet cream, salt), salt, spices, nisin preparation.

Fresh deli made sweet potatoes at Costco for Thanksgiving
Fresh House Made Kirkland Signature Sweet Potatoes in the Costco Deli for Thanksgiving

Where to Find Them

You’ll spot these in the open refrigerated cases near the deli area inside Costco.

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