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Costco King Crab Legs

costco king crab legs price

Have you ever wondered about the Red King Crab from Costco? Well I’m going to fill you in on all the details! Firstly, frozen Costco King Crab Legs are DELISH and if you’re thinking of getting them, definitely get them! Crab legs are a healthy lean protein, and much easier to make than you think! I promise! They are keto friendly, low carb, high quality, fairly priced for King Crab Legs. These Costco Red King Crab Legs will impress your guests, make a great special holiday brunch or birthday dinner plus you can use leftovers to make tons of great healthy king crab dishes!

Update for August 2023: Currently Red King Crab Legs are sold out. Head to this post on the Golden King Crab which is it’s current replacement.



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Costco King Crab Legs - CostContessa
Costco Red King Crab Legs in the Fish and Seafood Freezer Aisle – Sold in a 10lb Box

Depending on the time of year, you’ll find the Costco King Crab Legs in two different locations in-store:

Where to Find Costco King Crab Legs – During Holidays & Special Events

Costco King Crab Legs
Costco King Crab Legs $33.99 per Lb or $60 for 1.77 lbs.

During the holidays, or special events when they are being promoted, you’ll find them in the meat section. They are usually on the end cap in a freezer bin that’s open, either defrosted or still frozen. Or, when there is a seafood stand set up, you may find them inside the seafood set-up, which is always in or next to the meat section.

TIP: You’ll want to check and try to take some (or ask for some from the guy in the seafood stand) that are still FULLY FROZEN unless you plan to eat them that night. I’ll get to why later on if you’re not familiar with King Crab Legs.

See these posts for latest pricing and availability updates:

Where to Find Costco King Crab Legs – Year Round

You can find King Crab Legs in the regular freezer aisle at Costco, in the Fish and seafood aisle. The king crab legs are with the other bagged shellfish like shrimp and scallops.

Costco King Crab Legs in Seafood and Shellfish Section of Freezer Aisle
Costco King Crab Legs are in Freezer Cabinet with other Shellfish

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2022: Price Update on Costco King Crab Legs

In December 2022, Costco King Crab Legs will cost you $38.99 in-store.

This is a steep increase from the prices we saw in 2021 (see below)!

2021: How Much do Costco King Crab Legs Cost?

Kirkland Signature King Crab Legs at Costco cost $28.99 per Lb when sold frozen in 10 lb boxes that include both legs and claws. A box will cost approximately $290.

When purchasing smaller quantities in the meat section, King Crab Legs at Costco will cost around $33.99 per lb. and come in packages around 2-3 lbs.

You can find a variety of frozen crab available with shipping here at Costco.com.

Costco King Crab Legs - CostContessa

About Red King Crab

Red King Crab is truly the “king” of the crabs – with the biggest legs and the tastiest meat!  Serve whole legs or work the delicious meat into a recipe.  King crab meat is low in saturated fat and is a great source of vitamin B12, phosphorus, zinc, copper, and selenium!

How to Serve Red King Crab Legs from Costco

We recommend the classic! King Crab is best served with a side of clarified butter…but should you have leftovers the meat is also delicious in soups, salads, pasta dishes and more.

Why King Crabs Legs Should Be Frozen

Now everyone can have their own opinion…but here’s the deal. For some reason consumers feel like they are buying “fresh” food when its cold and ready to cook and there’s a perception that “frozen” means its preserved or somehow not fresh. But when it comes to King Crab Legs, that’s simply not true. King Crab legs are precooked and are frozen on the ship when they are caught. Yep. EVERY SINGLE KING CRAB LEG IN THE UNITED STATES WAS ONCE FROZEN.

ALL King Crab Legs are flash frozen ON THE SHIP when they are caught. That means no matter where you buy or eat your King Crab Legs – be it the fanciest seafood restaurant in NYC or from the freezer in Costco…they were ALL wild caught and cooked and frozen on the ship and shipped frozen. So there’s no reason to buy them defrosted because it just means you have a ticking time bomb for them to go bad. And trust me, they go bad quickly. In fact, they could even be bad when you buy them.

You simply cannot know exactly how long they’ve been defrosted. And if you’re buying hundreds of dollars in seafood for a special dinner and you open up the package and it stinks, you’re going to be angry. And disappointed.

It’s so easy to thaw King Crab Legs, just do it yourself. That way you have control of how long they have been defrosted. You don’t even have to defrost them, you can find plenty of instructions to cook from frozen so my advice is don’t buy buy them defrosted. This is not a fresh versus frozen thing when it comes to Costco King Crab Legs!

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  1. the easiest way Ifind to prepare Alaska King crab is spread the crab on a cookie sheet frozen.Preset oven to 400 degrees.Just open the door and squeeze the thickest parts.Probably start squeezing after 15 minutes or so.Once they get too hot to squeeze.they are ready.This way some thawing juices stay with the morsels.Melt butter and add crushed fresh garlic one small container per person.Dipp and enjoy.NO SCREAMING OF ENJOYMENT AT THE TABLE.

    1. Thank you for sharing – I’ll have to try your method next time!! I appreciate you taking the time to post it for us all!!

  2. They are not “sold out” of King Crab legs. We were told by meat dept that they no longer carry them because they used to get them from Russia and they will no longer carry them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hear you, and I’ll update that to be clearer! It’s my understanding that Red King Crab can’t be fished any longer in Alaska but I’m not sure about Russia, but I’ll look into that [if they ever come back!] – thanks again for sharing that! It takes a village 🙂

    1. We feature and review products here at CostContessa. To place an order for any item we’ve featured please use the links provided in the post or visit your retailer of choice and place your order directly with them. We don’t accept or fulfill orders, sorry!

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