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Wild Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab at Costco

Whole Dungeness Crab at Costco

Everyone does the holidays their own way – and seafood and shellfish are certainly a popular one! You can grab Kirkland Signature Wild Caught Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab at Costco right now – they come in a 2-pack in the refrigerated meat and seafood open cases. I’m a huge seafood and shellfish person, so make sure you invite me, okay? just kidding 🙂

Like all wild caught crabs – these are cooked and frozen on the ship – so when you purchase these in the open refrigerated meat cases at Costco, they’ve already been defrosted. These whole dungeness crabs at Costco make a special addition to any Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday or family meal!


Tips on When to Purchase and Storage

The date on the packaging generally says they’re good for about 7 days but I HIGHLY recommend you eat them within 3 days, ideally the day of purchase. I personally do not think that refrigerated shellfish lasts for 7 days – that’s all up to you of course – but I’d hate for you to open it up on Thanksgiving or Christmas (or whatever holiday or special dinner you’re preparing) and find stinky shellfish.

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When Shellfish has gone bad, I usually find it has a ammonia smell. Again, that’s surely subjective – so use your own judgement – but sharing in case that’s helpful!

Tip: If you are planning ahead, it’s worth an ask to the meat department to see if they have any that are still frozen – you can always defrost them yourself and then you can use them whenever you like! They usually don’t have them, but once in a while they do – we prefer to buy ours still frozen so we know they’re freshly defrosted.

Whole Dungeness Crab at Costco
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Whole Dungeness Crab at Costco – Price and Item Number

Kirkland Signature wild caught whole cooked Dungeness crabs, 2 pack, is Costco item number 40588 and costs $7.99 per pound in-store.

Each package contains two whole Dungeness crabs and weighs approximately 2 and 1/2 to 3 lb.  plan to spend around 20 to $25 for each package of two whole Dungeness crabs.

Fully cooked. Steam and serve with clarified butter or melted butter for dipping, or remove meat from shells and use in recipe of your choice.

Last Price Check: 11/6/2023

Department: Meat and Seafood

Online Availability

Currently the Kirkland Signature whole Dungeness Crabs at these low prices are only available in-store at Costco warehouses. Costco members will find a variety of crab that ships frozen online though!

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