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Golden King Crab at Costco

Wild Cooked Golden King Crab Leg Sections at Costco - Meat and Seafood Department
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New Costco Find! This week, we found Golden King Crab at Costco – it’s the first time we’ve seen it – and the Red King Crab (Alaskan King Crab) was gone. These are large crab sections with the legs still attached. They are not as large as Red King Crab, but still quite large.

Like Red King Crab, Golden King Crab is wild caught and cooked, and ship frozen. So these crab legs are fully cooked, you just need to steam them and warm them up! Prepare it just like Red King Crab, and serve with clarified butter.


Have you tried Golden King Crab Legs? What do you think? PLEASE share your review in the comments!

What is the Difference Between Red King Crab and Golden King Crab?

Golden King Crab is the smallest of the three main types of King Crab that are wild caught in Alaska. With a golden-orange shell, Golden King Crab has a milder flavor than Blue or Red King Crab. Golden King Crabs also usually contain the least amount of meat inside their shells and as such are the least expensive of the three Alaska-harvested crab types available in the U.S.

In general, Red King Crab is considered the Cadillac of King Crab, though Golden King Crab is certainly still considered very good.

ProTip: there are more pickles on Golden King Crab Legs, be prepared 🙂

golden king crab at costco
Wild Cooked Golden King Crab Sections Now at Costco

Golden King Crab at Costco – Item Number & In-Store Price

Wild Cooked Golden King Crab Sections are Costco Item Number 27621 and cost $32.99 per pound. Each package was about 2.5 lbs or about $70-$90.

You can also order Golden King Crab on Same Day Costco for $38.60 per pound.

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