Costco  King Crab Update

March 2023

Costco stores currently only have GOLDEN KING CRAB

Golden King Crab costs  $32.99 per pound

Expect to spent $70-$80 per package

It's not considered to be as premium as Red King Crab (what Costco has historically sold) however it's still wild caught Alaskan King Crab and it's GOOD!

prepare Golden King Crab and serve it just as you would the Red King Crab Legs...

Why doesn't Costco have Red King Crab Legs?

Fishing for red king crab was banned in 2022, and has again been banned for 2023 due to low levels of red king crabs (as well as some other types)

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While the King Crab Legs have changed, you'll still find lots of other fish and seafood options at Costco including both fresh and frozen! From shrimp, to scallops to salmon there are lots of choices!

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