Fresh Wild Ahi Tuna at Costco

ahi tuna at costco

In the refrigerated fish and seafood cases in the meat department, you can find Kirkland Signature fresh wild ahi tuna at Costco.

The Kirkland Signature fresh wild ahi tuna at Costco is wild caught in the Philippines, and processed in the United States.


Ahi Tuna Steaks Cooking Guidance

The cooking guidelines provided on the Kirkland Tuna steaks recommends cooking these the Ahi Tuna from Costco to a minimum internal temperature of 145° f.

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Wild Caught Fresh Ahi Tuna at Costco
Kirkland Wild Caught Fresh Ahi Tuna from Costco

Wild Caught Ahi Tuna at Costco Price and Item Number

Kirkland Signature fresh wild ahi tuna is Costco item number 29827 and costs $16.99 per pound. each package is around 2 lb, or about $30 to $35.

Storage and Freezing Fresh Ahi Tuna from Costco

The sell-by date on the package is approximately 3 days after the pack date. Since the Ahi tuna steaks at Costco are fresh, and have not yet been frozen, you can freeze them to store them. Please double check that on your actual packaging, there may be regional differences.

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  1. Good Day!
    What are the weekly delivery dates for the Brandon, COSTCO for the fresh wild Ahi Tuna?

    1. The best source for that will be to ask the meat and fish department directly. If you stop by next time youre in store- you can ask them directly and they can give you the current info for that! Sorry I can’t help…but hopefully they can!

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