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Savannah Bee Company Hot Honey at Costco

Savannah Bee Company Hot Honey at Costco

The Savannah Bee Company now has their Hot Honey at Costco. It’s a wildflower honey flavored with habanero pepper and Scotch bonnet pepper for a sweet and spicy honey flavor.

The Hot Honey at Costco is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and most likely this item will not stay in stores for a particularly long time so we suggest if you want it you should grab it on your next Costco run.


My Review

I bought the hot honey and it was spicier than I expected! I like spicy, so it was okay for me – but I was expecting since this was at Costco that it would be a more mild heat and it had quite a KICK! I think for true hot honey fans this will be good news – but if you’re thinking you like mild heat and would try this I’d say it’s not for the mild heat level eaters of the world 🙂

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I was expecting a forward honey flavor with a little finish of heat, but it’s heat forward. It is also still sweet honey, but it’s really a pair of sweet and hot. I love pairing sweet and savory, and for me this was a unique twist on that and I liked it.

I’d never seen (or noticed) hot honey before I saw this at Costco and now I see it at Whole Foods too – I’m not sure if it’s new/trendy or I just notice it now – but I liked this and I would buy it again.

Hot Honey at Costco Price and Item Number

Savannah Bee company hot honey 24 oz bottle costs $9.99 in store at Costco. Savannah Bee company hot honey is Costco item number 1615722.

hot honey at costco
Savannah Bee Company Hot Honey at Costco

Ideas How to Use Savannah Bee Co Hot Honey from Costco

  •  put it on your pizza
  •  drizzle it on crispy roasted brussel sprouts
  •  top your avocado toast with hot honey
  •  dip your cornbread in it
  •  marinate your salmon and hot honey before roasting it or putting it in the air fryer
  •  add it to your lemon tea when you have a cold flu or a sore throat
  •  serve it as a dipping sauce for fried chicken
  •  add it to your chicken marinade
  •  try some on your Ramen soup

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