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Fresh Sushi at Costco

fresh sushi at Costco

UPDATE: Costco recently added a new fresh sushi option at my store – salmon deluxe which includes Salmon Nigiri and a Salmon/Cucumber roll! If you’re lucky, then you can buy fresh sushi at Costco! Select Costco stores sell fresh sushi rolls, sushi, poke and sushi platters which are made daily.

Sushi is available in select Costco stores. We hear often that it’s going into new stores regularly, so hopefully you have it soon if you don’t right now! If your store offers different sushi items, we’d love to hear what you have and which warehouse you get it at in the comments!


You can find multiple size options from a single sushi roll to sushi tray platters for groups/events and a wide variety of rolls and fish options – even vegan sushi. Grabbing a sushi platter at Costco is an easy crowd pleasing hostess shortcut hack.

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Whether you’re in the mood for a quick sushi lunch on-the-go or looking for a costco sushi platter to serve at a large event, Costco has a number of grab and go rolls and platters available in select stores.

Update: New Fresh Costco Sushi Option – Salmon Deluxe

This new fresh sushi tray at Costco is especially exciting because before this, all of the sushi was actually cooked – but this new one comes with salmon nigiri and a salmon roll!

Costco Sushi Salmon Deluxe - Salmon Nigiri
New Fresh Sushi Option at Costco is Raw! Salmon Deluxe with Salmon Nigiri and Salmon Roll!

November 2022 Sushi Options

Currently, these are the fresh Costco sushi options in my warehouse in Marina Del Rey, CA.

Fresh Sushi at Costco - CostContessa
California Deluxe Sushi Roll 20 pcs at Costco
Fresh Sushi at Costco - CostContessa
California Crunch Deluxe Roll at Costco
Fresh Sushi at Costco - CostContessa
Salmon Nigiri and Salmon Cucumber Rolls at Costco

Costco Sushi 2022 Prices

California Deluxe Roll with Cucumber and Kanikama 20pcs is Costco Item Number 1535755 and costs $9.49.

California Crunch Roll Deluxe 20pcs is Costco Item Number 1704647 and costs $10.49.

Salmon Deluxe Nigiri with Salmon Cucumber Roll is Costco Item Number 1638313 and costs $13.99.

Costco also offers a frozen california roll sushi roll and Organic Sushi Nori Sheets via their cold and frozen grocery delivery program. We haven’t tried the frozen rolls…but if you don’t have easy access to sushi, they might be worth a try – they’re only $20 for 32 pieces so we think that’s a very fair price!

Fresh Sushi Rolls at Costco Review

The fresh sushi rolls at Costco are pretty good! We think the sushi at Costco is a good option for pre-made sushi – the fish is fresh, it’s easy to grab and go and the sushi is priced reasonably (no sushi is cheap, areweright?).

Full disclosure, we don’t think it’s fair to compare sushi rolls from a sushi restaurant to those purchased in a grocery store…that’s apples and apple pie…because a restaurant makes them fresh by the order and serves it in under 10 minutes after preparation whereas sushi in a grocery store is made hours ahead, and depending how long you keep it it could even be over 24 hours before you eat it…but taking that into account…we think the sushi rolls at Costco are a good option for grab and go sushi.

We highly recommend eating it the same day it’s purchased. Sushi rolls are really best eaten ASAP. Don’t forget you can grab Edamame at Costco to go with your sushi!

Does your local Costco sell Sushi? Let us know if your store carries it and if you’ve tried it would love to know your opinion!

This post has been updated in November of 2022. The content of original post is below, for reference.

2021 Fresh Sushi Rolls at Costco

Here are the types of sushi available at our local Costco (Marina Del Rey, CA) this week:

Fresh sushi rolls at Costco
Costco California Deluxe Roll Sushi
Costco Sushi
Costco Crunchy Roll Deluxe Sushi
Sushi Platter at Costco
Costco California Crunch Party Platter

2021 Costco Item Number and Prices

Depending where you live, you’ll have different sushi options, as the daily fresh sushi is made by different vendors regionally. Here are some options we’ve seen:

Costco Sushi Rolls

  • California Deluxe Roll w/ Cucumber & Kanikama 20 PCS – Costco Item Number 1535755 – Costs $9.49
  • Crunch Deluxe Roll w/ Shrimp Tempura and Kanikama Salad 20 PCS – Costco Item Number 1265726 – Costs $16.89
  • All Seas Fisheries Pokedon 670 grams – Costco Item Number 1567408 – Costs $14.99 [Canada]
  • All Seas Fisheries California Rolls 24 PCS – Costco Item Number 156416 – Costs $9.99 [Canada]

Costco Sushi Platters

  • Itsumo California Rolls 24 PCS – Costco Item Number 1567416 – Costs $9.99 [Canada]
  • Snow Fox Sushi Cali/Crunch/Spicy Sushi Platter 50 PCS – Costco Item Number 1529668 – Costs $24.99
  • Classic Vegan Sushi Platter 34 PCS – Costco Item Number 006158 – Costs 9.99GBP [UK]
  • Ultimate Sushi Party Platter 32 PCS – Costco Item Number 006156 – Costs 15.99GBP [UK]

FAQs About Fresh Sushi at Costco

Does Costco sell sushi?

Fresh Sushi Rolls at Costco

Yes. Select Costco stores sell freshly prepared sushi rolls and platters. Fresh sushi is not available in all stores, though. Check with your local Costco to see if Sushi is available near you.

Does Costco sell sushi platters?

Costco Sushi Roll Platter

Yes, Costco sells sushi platters. Fresh sushi is not available in all stores, check with your local Costco customer service desk to see if it’s available near you.

What Kinds of sushi does Costco sell?

Fresh Sushi at Costco

Costco stores offer fresh sushi rolls and platters. Depending where you live, you’ll have different sushi options, as the daily fresh sushi is made by different vendors regionally. Options may include a Salmon Nigiri, Salmon Rolls, California Rolls, Sushi platters, and more.

Costco Sushi Suppliers

Costco sushi is supplied by Snowfox Sushi (JFE Foods) where I live (Southern California), a retail sushi supplier based in Southern California. Snowfox also supplies a LOT of grocery stores with their sushi…from Sam’s Club to Alberton’s to Kroger…it’s all from Snowfox. Snowfox supplies Costco stores across the US including Lihue, HI, Honolulu, HI, Kapolei, HI,

In Canada sushi is supplied by All Seas Sushi (Itsumo Sushi). Canadian Costco stores they supply include Markham, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan, ON.

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