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Udi Muffins Recall From Amazon Fresh: Today I received an email from Amazon for Udi’s Gluten Free Muffins I purchased via Amazon Fresh. It was recalling two types of Udi’s Gluten Free Frozen Muffins, both Double Chocolate Muffins and Blueberry Muffins. It indicated there are potentially plastic “ribbons” in the muffins, and instructed the product to be thrown away.

The letter did not indicate known injuries, or whether the recall is mandatory or voluntary.

All of the Udi muffins on the recall are Frozen 4-packs of either Blueberry or Double Chocolate. The recall letter indicates 7 Lots of Udi’s of muffins, with 5 different dates. It’s not clear if the dates are referencing manufacturing dates, or expiration dates. The dates are all in the past, which may indicate they are potentially all expired lots of muffins.

Udi Muffins Recall From Amazon Fresh – Recall Letter from Conagra Foods

Here is the email from Amazon Fresh re Udi’s Muffins:

Udi Muffins Recall Letter – Recall on 7 Lots of Double Chocolate and Blueberry Muffins Sold Via Amazon Fresh

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The Udi Muffins recall from Amazon Fresh letter instructed consumers to contact Conagra Brands with questions during regular business hours at 800-672-8152. It did not reference or provide instruction for refunds.

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