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Is Costco Open on Easter?

Costco Brunch

If you’re hosting a big group this weekend, then you might be wondering is Costco Open on Easter? You’ve got some make some parts of the meal easy, and you can save time and money with these fan favorite Costco prepared foods! Here are our best Costco Easter Brunch ideas, meal shortcuts, bakery favorites, etc! . And don’t forget to shop BEFORE Easter, because Costco is CLOSED on Easter Sunday. This year, and every year.

Costco closes on a number of major holidays to allow their employees time off with their families. While this isn’t as convenient for us last minute shoppers, we applaud Costco for closing all stores Nationwide on Easter Sunday, ensuring that all of their employees will have the day off to spend with their children and families.


See all of Costco holiday hours and store closures here.

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Is Costco Open on Easter Sunday 2023?

costco holiday closure schedule

Costco stores nationwide will be closed on Easter Sunday 2023. Make sure you shop for your Easter meal in advance!

Costco Easter Brunch Ideas

Make sure you shop in advance for these quick and easy Easter Brunch and Easter Dinner meal ideas!

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