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Lindt Gold Bunnies at Costco

Costco Lindt Gold Bunnies

The Costco Lindt Gold Bunnies are in my kid’s Easter baskets every single year. The Costco Lindt chocolate bunnies come in a 2-pack. Each Lindt Gold Bunny in the pack weighs 7 ounces, and are hollow milk chocolate, so the bunnies are very substantial in size, but it isn’t a ridiculous amount of chocolate and sugar for children. Let’s face it, it’s a sugar filled day, the last thing they need is a giant solid chocolate bunny, amiright?

The quality of Lindt chocolate is fantastic, it’s really a delicious chocolate! The presentation of the simple gold wrapped bunnies is very classic, and I highly recommend the Lindt Gold Bunnies. They are more expensive than some of the alternatives, but worth it in my opinion for the premium quality and presentation.


Where to Find Gold Chocolate Bunnies in Store

Find the Lindt Bunnies in the center section of Costco, alongside more Easter candy and snacks. Occasionally Easter baskets and candy are all placed together in their own area, if you don’t see them in the center, keep your eye out for a dozen pallets or so of Easter stuff grouped together.

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Costco Lindt Gold Bunnies Price & Item Number

Lindt Gold Bunny Duo 14 oz (2 x 7oz) is Costco item number 1305090 and costs $12.99 in store.

Ordering Costco Lindt Gold Bunnies on Same Day Costco

You can order the Lindt Gold Bunnies 2-pack on Same Day Costco for around $15.

Ordering Lindt Chocolate Directly from the Manufacturer

Lindt offers direct sales with shipping, and a variety of adorable Easter chocolates on their website.

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