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Grove Co Multipurpose Cleaner Starter Kits

Grove Co Cleaner Starter Kit at Costco with Glass Bottle and Cleaning Solution Concentrate

Grove Co Multipurpose Cleaner Starter Kits are now at Costco! These environmentally friendly cleaning kits come with a reusable glass spray bottle and 4 cleaning solution refills. The glass spray bottle is thick and durable, and the multipurpose cleaning solution smells great (it does have natural fragrance).

Grove Co Cleaner Starter Kit
Grove Co Cleaner Starter Kit at Costco with Glass Bottle and Cleaning Solution Concentrate

Why We Like it

I love the concept of cleaning products being sold in concentrate because the vast majority of nearly all cleaning solutions are water – whether it’s laundry detergent, bathroom cleanser, floor cleaning solution or window spray cleaner…it’s mostly water in all those bottles which takes up more volume (and plastic to package that excess volume) and weighs more for shipping (using more energy to distribute it) and in the end it’s just so easy to add water to a concentrate and dilute it myself at home! And it takes up just a tiny bit of space to store extras/stock up and doesn’t break my back getting from a store shelf to my laundry room!


I also love how the Grove Co. Multipurpose Cleaner Start Kits concentrated cleanser smells. It does not have a chemical smell at all, just a light natural scent – so even right after using, your home doesn’t smell like harsh chemicals.

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Each Grove Co Multipurpose Cleaner Set Contains:

  • Glass Spray Bottle
  • 4 1oz Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaning Refills
  • Reusable bottle labels
  • 2 refill bottles of Orange and Rosemary
  • 2 refill bottles of Lavender Blossom and Thyme

Costco Item Number and Price

Grove Co Multipurpose Cleaner Starter Set 4/16oz is Costco item number #1524360 and costs $18.99 in-store at Costco. Each starter set will make 4 16oz bottles of multipurpose cleaning solution. Includes reusable glass bottle.

Grove Co. Online Ordering Options

You can order Grove Co. Cleaning Kits online at Same Day Costco for $22.22. At this time, it’s not available on Costco.com.

Single Use Plastics

Some time ago, much more of our plastic was recycled…but today less than 9% of single use plastic is recycled (despite consumers setting separating it and bringing to a recycling center…it still just goes to the landfill). It’s a whole complicated “thing” and there’s lot of information on it online, so I won’t reinvent the wheel…but mentioning as I think the vast majority of people believe the plastic they put in their recycled bin gets recycled, and sadly most just goes to the landfill despite the effort.

Grove Co Cleaner Starter Kit at Costco

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