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Lole Belt Bag at Costco – Lululemon Everywhere Bag Dupe

Hot Deal on Lole Travel Belt Bag at Costco - Compare to Lululemon!

New in-store and online, the Lole Belt Bag at Costco is a huge hit!! This is an updated version of – well – a fanny pack lol. These Lole bags fit the new trend of flattened version of fanny packs which can be worn either across the chest, or more traditionally, around the waist. Wearing a small belt bag right on your body is handy for a TON of circumstances, and these Lole bags from Costco are a great size, quality and price. The Lole bag at Costco is often dubbed a Lululemon Everywhere Bag Dupe…it’s well under half the price though.

Scroll down to see our Lole Belt bag review, product features, a comparison against Lululemon’s Belt Bags, pricing and a HOT DEAL tip!! Hint, you can score this bag for $12!


Our Lole Belt Bag at Costco Rating:

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Lole Belt Bag at Costco
Lole Belt Bag at Costco

Our Review of the Lole Belt Bag from Costco

Whether you’re wearing a baby in a carrier, walking your dog or traveling and want your hands free to take photos, hold a child’s hand or just to minimize theft…these little Lole belt bags at Costco hold the essentials and keep your hands free when you’re on the move! You can keep your phone, credit cards, passport, pacifier, poop bags, sunblock, lip balm or whatever you need to have on hand and keep both your hands free!

It also features a 2-way zipper, so you can open it up one-handed, regardless of which hand is free. I love using these for travel. Whether I’m being a tourist and taking photos or I’m in an area where theft can be an issue, I worry a lot less having my things right on my body with a belt bag. I prefer to wear my belt bags across my chest – but however you prefer to wear the Lole Belt Bag, it’s very versatile and a great investment at a fraction of the cost of the comparable Lululemon bag.

Lole Bag Versus Lululemon Everywhere Bag

The Lole Belt Bag and Lululemon’s Belt Bags are very comparable, and both are great quality and reputable brand names. They both have a very similar look, both are spot clean only, and both are water resistant (NOT waterproof). Aside from the different logo, its difficult to tell them apart.

On the one hand, both mini body bags look almost identical, are nearly the same exact size and quality…but the Lululemon is $38 versus the Lole at Costco which is $14.99. On the other hand, the Lululemon comes in a huge variety of color options, and if black isn’t your jam and you’ll use a belt or chest crossbody bag often, it’s probably worth getting the color you want…because $38 is still a very affordable price point. Lululemon also makes a slightly larger version of the Everywhere Belt Bag for $48 if this is a little small for your needs.

Either way, we think there is a good reason that belt bags are so popular, and they’re both great waist bags!

Lole Belt Bag Costco Price and Item Number

Lole Belt Bag at Costco costs $14.99 in-store at your local Costco warehouse or $16.99 online (including shipping) and is item #1681921.

Hot Deal: How to Buy the Lole Belt Bag for $12!

ProTip: When you purchase your Lole Belt Bag online at Costco.com, it’s eligible for the Buy More Save More Clothing Coupon…so if you’re purchasing 10 items you’ll save $50 or $5 per item. That’s $5 off the Lole Belt Bag which shakes out to $12 for the Lole Belt Bag at Costco.com including shipping! Best Deal!

Review of Lole Belt Bag at Costco - Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Dupe
Compare the Lole Belt Bag to the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Lole Belt Bag at Costco Features:

  • Gender neutral
  • Wear on waist or across chest
  • Two-Way zipper
  • Adjustable strap between 20in – 40in
  • Main compartment with mesh interior compartments
  • Zipper secured back side inside compartment
  • YKK® zippers
  • Interior key clip
  • Dimensions: 7.5 in x 5 in x 2 in
  • Rated 4.7 stars online at Costco (rave reviews!)

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