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Christmas 2022 King Crab Legs at Costco

costco king crab legs price

Christmas 2022 King Crab Legs at Costco Price Update: The bags of full Red King Crab Legs are out in the meat department at Costco for Christmas 2022 and the freezer is again restocked with 10 lb boxes of Crab Legs! Let the holiday meal planning begin!

Refrigerated Crab Legs

The crab legs in the meat department have gone up in price since just earlier this month…but only $1 per pound…not too bad! These are sold in smaller packages and were $39.99 today (December 20). The crab legs in the case seemed to still be frozen (which is GREAT in my opinion…see the longer post covering Costco crab legs for defrosted vs frozen).

Costco King Crab Legs Price December 2022 - Refrigerated 4-7 Count Packages in Meat Department
Christmas 2022 – Cooked Red King Crab Legs at Costco will cost $39.99 per pound.

Frozen Crab Legs By The Case

The Freezer aisle also had the 10 lb boxes back (we haven’t seen those in awhile at my store!) and those were $37.99 per pound, or $379.99 for the 10lb case of crab legs – you get a small discount for purchasing these in bulk. All stores may not carry these 10lb cases, but it’s worth a look. And you can also ask in the meat department and see if they can sell you a full case – they often can give you a frozen ten pound case of crab legs too!

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December 2022 Costco King Crab Legs Price for Christmas - Now in Store refrigerated and frozen for holiday meals.
10 lb cases of frozen red king crab legs at Costco – December 2022

Why We Love King Crab Legs: Easy Luxury Dinner!

Remember, all Crab legs (from any store, not just Costco) are fully cooked…so these are not only a super luxurious foodie meal, they are super EASY. We pop ours in our double boiler and steam them for about 5-10 minutes – you just basically need to warm them up!

Suggested serving idea: Clarified Butter

Christmas 2022 King Crab – Be Alert This Time of Year

Costco doesn’t sell Crab Legs online – that’s right… Costco does not sell or ship King Crab Legs – so please take care not to get caught off guard with the fake ads that run this time of year for discount crab legs. Be especially careful when on social media!

Did You Buy King Crab Legs Recently?

Did you buy crab legs for Christmas at your local Costco warehouse and pay a different price? We’d love to know which store you bought them in, and how much the crabs legs cost near you! Also please share any reviews of them, or tips for preparing or serving! We’re all ears, drop your thoughts in the comments!

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