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3 Carb Costco Keto Egg Bites

Costco Egg Bites

These are a regular breakfast item in my fridge. Costco Keto Egg Bites from Three Bridges are made with uncured bacon and a three cheese blend. Each individually wrapped package contains 2 ready to heat egg bites. Heat in the microwave for 90 seconds, and you’re on the go. They are also gluten free, 2 carbs, and loaded with 20g of protein and DELISH!

If you like Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites…you’re going to love these Costco egg bites!


Costco Egg Bites Review

We have spent some considerable time trying to perfect making egg bites at home, and truth be told, I really can’t make mine taste better than these! We even bought a Sous Vide and glass jars (also a silicone mould) – we tried them in the instant pot and the slow cooker – we really invested time in trying to make these darn things at home because they are really such a great little snack and breakfast on the go – we even eat them for lunch sometimes with some greens or whatever leftovers are around…

But the moral of the story is this…all those trials rendered none that were particularly easier to make because none could really be made in huge batches…and when these are on sale, I’m going put up a strong argument that after I factor in my time, it would be coming close to a wash to make them myself. We like these a LOT!

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Easy Prep Ideas for Costco Keto Egg Bites

Bored of plain old egg bites? I hear you…I am a creature of habit and eat the same thing a lot….then one day I hit a wall and need to change it up!! Here are some really simple ideas to quickly transform these Costco keto egg bites and jazz them up a bit!

  • Top them with some hot sauce or salsa
  • Top them with some avocado and sour cream
  • Dice them up and pop them into a tortilla (and put any of them above on for a cheater breakfast burrito)
  • Sandwich between two sausage patties and eat like a breakfast sandwich
  • Carefully cut them into cubes and put toothpicks in them and serve them to the kids as Costco Samples! Possibly with a cherry tomato or piece of avocado on top? (Personal family favorite!)

You can find more information on the manufacturer’s website here.

Costco Keto Egg Bites Nutritional Features:

The Costco egg bites have 310 calories, 20g of protein and 3g carbs.

  • 20g Protein
  • 1g Sugar
  • Gluten-Free
  • Keto-Friendly with 3g of Carbs
  • Zap these in the Microwave in 90 seconds
  • Uncured Bacon
Costco Keto Egg Bites Nutritional Panel
Costco Egg Bites from Three Bridges at Costco are a Fan Favorite Item

Costco Egg Bites Item Number & Pricing

Three Bridges Cheese Bacon Egg Bites (4) 4.6oz Packages is Costco Item Number 1238935 and Costs $10.99. Each package contains 2 egg bites.

Money Saving Tip: You can snag these Costco keto egg bites on sale every now and again and they last quite a while in the fridge – we’ve spotted them for as much a $2.00 off. If you’re patient, keep your eye out in the Costco Coupon Books for a sale.

These cost $4.99 per 2-pack at Whole Foods, wowzers.

Online & Order Availability

Three Bridges Egg Bits are on Same Day Costco and you can order with delivery for $14.03.

Where to Find Them In-Store

You’ll find the Three Bridges Cheese & Uncured Bacon Egg Bites in the Deli and prepared specialty food aisles – usually near the meat department.

Costco Egg Bites
Three Bridges Cheese and Uncured Bacon Egg Bites at Costco

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