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Wild Cooked Cold Water Lobster Claws at Costco

lobster claws at costco - meat and seafood department

These wild cooked cold water lobster claws at Costco are not only a SUPER deal, they are also delicious! My store doesn’t always have them, they seem to come and go but tend to be available on a year-round basis – with larger quantities available around holidays and celebratory seasons. If you spot a pack of these lobster claws in the seafood department at your local Costco, I highly recommend you try them!

I buy these lobster claws from Costco myself, and we eat them steamed with clarified butter, or we serve them cold with cocktail sauce. Or pull out the meat and put them mashed potatoes for lobster mashed. Chef’s choice! To warm them up we just steam them for about 5 minutes. Easy peasy! Plus because it’s just the claws so steaming this lobster doesn’t require a huge lobster pot, which is much easier for most people! Just make sure you have a good pair of lobster crackers though!


We’ve previously spotted bags of the lobster claws and arms in the freezer aisle of Costco, but we haven’t seen them in awhile. I prefer to buy shellfish frozen as I then know exactly how long it’s been defrosted. But keep your eye out for them, hopefully they’ll be back!

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Note: The sell by date on these defrosted packs of lobster claws in the Costco seafood aisle is 8 days after the pack date. Personally, I would not eat defrosted shellfish after the 3rd day of being defrosted. That’s a matter of opinion, certainly, but word to the wise…be sure to look at the date before you buy, and plan to make your purchase the day of or day prior to your use date. You can also ask in the Costco seafood department employees and see if they have any lobster claws that are still frozen, and try to buy them frozen…then you can control the defrost date (plus you can warm these up from frozen anyway!)

Lobster Claws at Costco Item Number & Price

Wild Cooked Cold Water Lobster Claws (includes claws and arms) [previously frozen] is Costco item number 44212 and cost $15.99/lb. Each pack weighs around 2 lbs or so and contains about 8-10 pieces.

lobster claws at costco - meat and seafood department
Lobster Claws at Costco in the Meat and Seafood Department

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