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Phone Number to Order Pizza at Costco in Los Angeles

order costco pizza in los angeles

If you’re wondering if you can order pizza at Costco in Los Angeles ahead of time, the answer is yes! You can call in pizza orders to your local Costco Food Court in advance, and then swing by and pick them up! Costco Food Court 18″ whole pizzas are perfect for parties, barbecues or just heading to the beach! See below for the Costco Food Court Pizza Ordering Phone Numbers for Marina del Rey, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Van Nuys, Torrance, Commerce, Monterey Park, Alhambra, Westlake, Lakewood, Cypress, Glendale, Loz Feliz, Burbank, Northridge, Woodland Hills, Pacoima, Norwalk, Signal Hill, and Alhambra!

Currently, the Food Courts at Costco warehouses don’t offer online ordering or partner with third party delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Postmates, etc…but as the kiosk food ordering system ramps up we’re hopeful that will expand to include online Costco pizza orders and eventually maybe even pizza delivery. For now, you can call your Costco Pizza order in the phone and pick it up, though!


Phone Numbers to Order Pizza at Costco Food Courts in Los Angeles

Costco Food Court LocationCall Ahead Number to Order Costco Pizza
Marina Del Rey, CA (310) 754-2003
Inglewood, CA(310) 242-2777
Hawthorne, CA(310) 727-0419
Van Nuys, CA(818) 373-5308
Los Feliz, CA(323) 644-5220
North Hollywood, CA(818) 423-7099
Burbank, CA(818) 557-3783
Northridge, CA(818) 775-2997
Woodland Hills, CA(818) 884-9052
Pacoima, CA(818) 272-2700
Alhambra, CA(626) 281-1402
Torrance, CA (310) 891-1042
Commerce, CA(323) 767-2640
Monterey Park, CA(323) 890-1901
Norwalk, CA(562) 868-5530
Signal Hill, CA (562) 424-7303
Lakewood, CA(562) 295-1508
Westlake Village, CA(818) 597-3908
La Habra, CA(562) 524-0001
Cypress, CA(562) 668-5155
Phone Numbers to Order Costco Pizza in Los Angeles
Order Pizza at Costco in Los Angeles

Costco Pizza Menu

Currently, there are two choices for pizza on the Menu at Costco Food Courts…Cheese or Pepperoni. Many members have rallied to bring back the combo pizza at Costco…however to date…it’s still just Cheese or Pepperoni.

How Much Does Pizza Cost at Costco Food Court in Los Angeles?

Whole pizzas at Los Angeles area Costco Food Courts cost $9.95 each for an 18″ pizza. It’s the same price for cheese or pepperoni, there is no additional charge for pepperoni topping.

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How Many Slices are in a Whole Pizza from Costco?

Each 18″ Whole Pizza from the Costco Food Court has 6 slices.

The whole pizzas at Costco are cut into very large slices, and you could double cut them at home to make them smaller for kids or lighter eaters. Although the food court doesn’t officially offer the service of “double cutting” or “kiddie cut” you can request it and may find that they will cut it for you that way.

How Many Calories are in Costco Pizza?

Each slice of Costco Cheese Pizza has 710 calories and each slice of Costco Pepperoni Pizza has 650 calories.

Each whole cheese pizza has 4,260 calories and each whole pepperoni pizza has 3,880 calories.

Order Pizza from Costco Food Court in Los Angeles
Pepperoni Pizza Slice from Costco Food Court

Current Costco Food Court Menu in Los Angeles

Recent changes to the Food Court menu haven’t affected the pizza…but there is now a mango smoothie and a rotisserie chicken salad! Hot dog combos are still $1.50. Read more about the entire menu at Costco Food Court here.

Costco Food Court Menu

If you’re local Costco isn’t listed on this post, you can find a directory of Costco warehouse locations here [this link leaves our site and takes you to Costco’s website directory].

FAQs on Ordering Pizza at Costco in Los Angeles

How much is a whole pizza at Costco in Los Angeles?

order costco pizza in los angeles

Whole Pizzas at Costco are 18″ and cost $9.95.

Did Costco bring back the combo pizza?

Costco Combo Pizza Discontinued

No, despite massive campaigns from members to bring back the beloved combo pizza…to date Costco Food Courts have not added this item back to the menu.

Did Costco bring back the caesar salad?

Phone Number to Order Pizza at Costco in Los Angeles - CostContessa

Yes, Costco brought back the chicken caesar salad in the Spring of 2023. It features rotisserie chicken and costs $6.99.

Can I order Costco pizza online?

order costco pizza in los angeles

No. Currently, Costco does not offer an online platform to place pizza orders at the Costco Food Courts.

Is there a delivery service that delivers pizza from Costco?

There are no official delivery services for Costco Pizza. Until Costco Food Courts enable online ordering and electronically connect to delivery service platforms, we don’t expect to see third parties offer Costco Food Court pizza delivery.

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