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$1.50 Hot Dog Still on Costco Food Court Menu in 2022

Costco Food Court Menu
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If it’s been awhile since you’ve grabbed a Costco hot dog or slice of pepperoni, you might be wondering what is on the Costco Food Court Menu now? How much does food cost in the Food Court at Costco? Does Costco still have a $1.50 Hot Dog combo? Well, until recently not much had changed…but this week Costco raised prices on two food court menu items.

YES, Costco still offers a 1/4 lb Hot Dog with a soda for a buck-fifty! There’s no inflation on the Costco Hot Dog! But there are changes….


We polled the Costco Members in our Costco Group on Facebook, and 100% of respondents said the Costco Food Court Menu is virtually identical from warehouse to warehouse across the US, though occasionally a few things can be different especially when new items are introduced.

July 2022 Food Court Menu Price Increases

Chicken Bake Price Increase (July 2022)

The famed and beloved Costco Food Court Chicken Bake has increased in price by $1.00 – it’s now $3.99 compared to $2.99 just last month.

20 OZ Drink Price Increase (July 2022)

The Costco Food Court Fountain Drink has increased in price by $0.10 – it’s now $0.69 instead of $0.59 just last month.

We reported the price increase on our Instagram recently, be sure to follow us for all our real time Costco Finds, Updates and Reviews!

Costco Food Court July 2022 – Price Increase on Chicken Bake & Fountain Drink

New Food Court Items

New Mango Smoothie (June 2022)

Costco dropped a new Mango Smoothie on some food court menus in June. It’s not in our Costco yet…but we’re hoping it’s coming soon! The new Costco Mango Smoothie replaces the current fruit smoothie and has been spotted in Hawaii.

Previous Food Court Menu (January 2022)

Costco Food Court Menu
Costco Food Court Menu from Marina Del Rey Costco in California January 2022

Food Court Menu Items & Prices

  • Twisted Churro $1.49
  • Ice Cream Sundae $2.49
    • Vanilla Ice Cream with Strawberry or Chocolate Sauce
  • Ice Cream Cup $1.99
    • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Cold Brew Mocha Freeze $2.99
  • Fruit Freeze $2.99
  • 1/4 lb All Beef Hot Dog & 20 oz Soda (with refill) $1.50
  • Pizza Slice $1.99
    • Cheese or Pepperoni
  • 18″ Whole Pizza $9.99
    • Cheese or Pepperoni
  • Chicken Bake $2.99
  • 20 oz Soda (with refill) $0.59

Food Court Menu Around The World

One thing is the same across Costco Food Courts everywhere…Costco Pizza! In almost every Costco Food Court across the globe you’ll find pizza on the menu!

In Canada, you’ll find chicken strips, french fries, and a crispy chicken sandwich at their food court.

In Australia, you’ll find bubble tea and clam chowder on the menu.

In Mexico, the menu looks much like the U.S.

Have you been to a Costco Food Court outside the United States? What did you get? Tell us what you found we’d love to hear about it!

Costco Business Centers Have Food Courts Too

If you’re lucky enough to have a Costco Business Center nearby, and you’re wondering if there is a Food Court at the Costco Business Center…the answer is YES! Same menu as the regular warehouse.

Food Court Menu at Costco Business Center in North Hollywood, CA California
Food Court at Costco Business Center in North Hollywood

Some Costco Food Court Love from the Gram’

10 New Costco Finds Today!
Happy Friday!!
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New Scooby Grahams!!! My kids love these!! #costco #costcofinds #cotcomom #costcohaul #costcodoesitagain #costcontessa #costcobuys
GoodPop Vegan Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Squares🙌🏻 #costco #costcofinds #costcodeals #costcodoesitagain #costcovegan #vegandessert #vegandesserts #goodpop #costcontessa #dairyfree #costcodairyfree #dairyfreeicecream #costcobuys
Grove Collaborative multipurpose cleaner starter kit with glass spray bottle and 4 concentrated refills. I bought it and I’ll give it a try and post a review shortly. #costco #costcofinds #costcodeals #grovecollaborative
Amarena Wild Cherries - haven’t tried but they have a fancy jar! #costco #costcofinds
New nut and seed granola bars at Costco - non- GMO, low in salt and added sugars. 
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Costco has recalled 14 lots of Kirkland Signature frozen organic strawberries. I’ll put the link to my post in my stories or drop a note in the comments and I can DM it to you. Short of the long: It’s in connection with a Hepatitis A outbreak (no confirmed affected product, recalling in abundance of caution). Hep A is not to mess with 😬 please check before eating more 🙏🏻
#costcorecall #costco #costcoorganic #costcomom #kirklandsignature #recall
Island away Sorbet at Costco is back! These are super fun, come in a real fruit “shell” and taste good too 🙌🏻
#costcofinds #costco #costcomom #costcohaul #costcodeals #islandwaysorbet
$500 Whirlpool Dishwasher at Costco in-store. Most appliances from Costco need to be ordered, and periodically various appliances come into stock in-store - this is a really good looking dishwasher for this price point, with top controls and a third rack. It’s a 51 dba which is an average decibel, but it’s hard to find all these features under $500!
Food for thought if you’re renovating your kitchen - it’s not thaaat much more than a budget priced base cabinet - at our house I found it was a never ending struggle the clean dishwasher was full so the sink piled up, by the time it was emptied the sink dishes filled it half way up and then it ran again and the sink started piling up again. I hope you’re better at that game than me, but if you’re losing that battle it’s something to think about if you have space. For reference I live in a 1944 ranch home so needless to say I don’t have a luxe kitchen space - we combined the breakfast nook into the kitchen and it’s odd shaped but has allowed much more useable space. And two dishwashers 😜
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Lifetime Folding Picnic Tables are now in-store - these are a really affordable option for outdoor seating (or additional seating for bbqs and parties). I’ve had good experience with this brand (though I haven’t tested this specific product). 
🧺 ☀️ 
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Brothers Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches are now at Costco - I bought a box to review them and they are delicious! I filmed this right after I got home so they’d been out of the freezer for a good 30 minutes so disregard the ice cream being soft - they were very good and I recommend them! My kids give them a 4/4. For me I’d say 3.75/4 because both the cookie and the ice cream were really sweet - personally I’d prefer no swirl it was added sweetness that I didn’t need. But all in all, these are good and I think largely a hit with kids and young adults over old fogies like me and that’s ok 🙌🏻😝😂 they were good and way better than the ones I’ve bought before!
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5 new organic Costco finds 🙌🏻
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