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Costco Churro Guide

Costco Churro

One of the most popular items at Costco’s Food Court is the Twisted Churro.  The Costco churro was taken off the menu in 2020 but returned with a different recipe and look in 2021.

Churros are made from a rich, savory dough that is piped from a bag and either deep fried or baked.  The bread is then rolled in a sugar and cinnamon coating to create an irresistible snack with multiple textures and flavor layers. 


Churros are traditional Spanish and Portuguese snacks with multiple recipe variations.  Churros are delicious on their own but even better when dunked into hot chocolate.

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Let’s take a closer look at this tasty treat and see if it is right for you!

Does Costco Have Good Churros?

The churros at Costco are absolutely delicious.  They have a sweet and slightly savory coating, a crispy exterior and a warm, rich, soft interior dough that tastes like eggs and butter.

I have a friend who takes the churros to the next level.  He takes the churros home, heats them back up in an air fryer and then dips them in melted chocolate…his kids got absolutely nuts!  I have heard that the churros are also excellent when dipped in Nutella.

Costco’s churros are “twisted” meaning they are made from two braids of dough that are twisted together.  The braids are made from different colored doughs which makes the churros look almost as good as they taste! 

Costco Food Court Churro Review, Calories, Price
Costco Food Court Churro

Calories in Costco’s Churro

The signage at the Food Court indicates that the churro has 570 calories so this is definitely not a low calorie food item. 

As a point of reference, most people use about 100 calories to walk a mile which means you will need to walk almost 6 miles to burn up all of the calories from a churro.

That’s just fine by me though…I will gladly go on a long hike if it means I get to have a churro!

On a positive note there is some indication that the 570 calories posted in the Food Court may be overstating the calorie count.  Several online resources state the calories are either 410 or 430.  When I called Customer Service to get clarification they told me that the calorie count was actually 490.

Obviously there is confusion as to the most accurate calorie count.  I suspect the confusion lies in the recipe difference between the old and new churros as well as what is considered a single serving.

Here is a link to learn more about the calories in other items at the Costco Food Court

Costco Churro Ingredients

I contacted the Customer Service department at Costco to try to get the exact ingredient list for the Costco churros.  

Unfortunately, they told me that the ingredient list is considered proprietary and they were unable to share the information.

Just going by taste the ingredients appear to be:

  • Wheat flour
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Sugar 
  • Cinnamon

Many churro recipes call for the use of a little bit of vanilla extract but I have never picked up any hints of vanilla in the churros from Costco.

How Much are Churros at Costco?

Currently you can buy a churro at the food court for $1.49 plus tax.  The churro only cost $1.00 a few years ago but even at $1.49 the churro is worth every penny.

You buy the churro by going to the self-serve kiosk, pressing the touchscreen button for a churro and then selecting how many you want.  After you have completed your order, insert your credit card to pay for the churro. 

After you pay you will get a receipt with an order number.  Take the receipt to the food court and wait for them to call your order number.

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  1. I went to Costco in Los Feliz the other day. I was craving for churros so I bought this first before shopping. Unfortunately the churros I liked before is not the same anymore. The old one was tastier and crunchier. I didn’t like the present recipe. I trashed half of it. Sorry. pls bring back the old recipe.

    1. oh no! what a bummer – I haven’t bought one in awhile (just try to stay away if you know what I mean…that Covid weight isn’t shedding itself lol!) – I’ll buy it again soon and see if ours is changed too – I shop in Marina del Rey btw – we’re practically neighbors 🙂

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