Costco Coupon Book – April 2024

April 2024 Costco Coupon Savings Book - Members Only Ad Scan

I have the ad scan of the upcoming Costco Coupon Book April 2024 – these members only savings book deals are valid from April 10, 2024 thru May 5, 2024. This coupon booklet includes deals in-warehouse and online at I love previewing these deals and planning ahead a little – especially for all the household basics that I know we’re going to buy anyway – the coupon deals on patnry and cleaning/household items generally save about 25% on products like toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry soap, etc. so the savings really add up when I time those purchases to when they’re on sale in the Members Only Savings Booklet!

I get the booklet a little ahead of when it drops in store and try and get it up right away so you can plan your savings too! I highly recommend taking a quick look before your next Costco run! If you landed on the wrong month’s deals – see all our Costco Coupon Books to find the right one.

Costco Coupon Book April 2024

My Favorite Deals in the April 2024 Costco Coupon Book

There are tons of great money savings deals in the February 2024 Costco coupon flyer, but my personal favorite deals would definitely have to be the following:

$3 OFF Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce – I’m a HUGE FAN of Rao’s! This is the best marinara you can buy in a jar in my opinion. See my whole Rao’s Marinara review over here, but suffice to say I love this and recommend it – and it’s already a super price at Costco and with $3 off it puts in into a really great price point!

$2.40 OFF Dawn Ultra Platinum Advanced Power Dishwashing Liquid – the BEST dishwashing liquid. I also think this does a great job at lifting grease stains out of clothing – I had a dress with a set in grease stain that had been washed and dried and I put dawn on it and let it sit for a week – tossed in the wash and it came out. I was AMAZED. Truly magic. I also used to make super bubble stuff with it for my kids when they were little!

$3.60 OFF Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter, Salted and/or Unsalted. This butter is SOOOO GOOD!! It’s one of my favorites – I buy the salted, but Costco has both salted and unsalted, and a $3.60 coupon is a great deal – it shakes out to about 30% off!

First Alert $10 OFF Pro5 Fire Extinguisher AND/OR $20 OFF Battery Combo Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm. We use the Battery combo Smoke/CO alarms in our house, and have a fire extinguisher under the sink. Thankfully we’ve never needed to use the fire extinguisher, and I love that the alarms are combos so no need to maintain to separate units (or have them occupying more space – because they aren’t exactly art work lol!). If you do Spring Cleaning, checking all your fire alarms is a good addition to put on the list – it’s super easy and adds a pretty significant layer of safety in my opinion – it’s a good return on investment of time. I feel like these are one of those things you really just have to buy for your house no matter what, so you may as well buy it when there’s a good coupon deal on them.

$599.99 AFTER $100 OFF Tresanti Alexandra Vanity Table with LED Lighted Mirror – item #1656672 – these are super popular on social media and admittedly they’re super dreamy! I love all the drawers – what amazing makeup organization! I wish I had room for one – sadly I don’t – but this is on my covet list! If you have more space than I do, maybe the hundred dollar off coupon peaks your interest??

Costco Coupon Book April 2024 Ad Scan

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Which coupon deals will you be taking advantage of this month?

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