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New Costco Food Court Chocolate Chip Cookie

Costco Food Court Chocolate Chip Cookie Review

Costco Food Court menu change!! The Costco Churro has gone away, and we now have this Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie at the Costco Food Court! We tried this new jumbo chocolate chip cookie from the Food Court and we liked it! We do think that it needs milk – but the cookie overall is good!

Don’t get me wrong – I did like the churro, and I appreciated that the churro is an item that you can’t really just buy anywhere – so I’ll definitely miss it! But I liked the new Costco Food Court Chocolate Chip Cookie! See full review below.


My Review of the New Chocolate Chip Cookie at Costco Food Court

I was excited to try the new double chunk chocolate chip cookie from the Costco food court, and in a nutshell, I really enjoyed it. It’s quite large, easily shareable between two or three people, and it’s served warm with melty chocolate chips. There’s nothing quite like a warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, so this was a definite hit for me.

However, it’s important to note that I’m generally a fan of any warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. To be honest, there’s nothing extraordinarily unique about this cookie, aside from it being a new offering and, of course, a fresh baked warm treat in January.

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie at Costco Food Court - New Costco Finds

The new double chunk chocolate chip cookie at the food court is priced 60% higher than its predecessor, the Costco churro. Although we’re still talking about a relatively small amount of money, it’s noticeably more expensive and, frankly, less unique. Churros aren’t something you can find just anywhere, so it was quite special that Costco offered something so distinctive.

I also think that a warm chocolate chip cookie naturally pairs with milk, and likely for many other people too. The Costco Food Court should really consider adding some kind of milk option to the food court menu to complement the chocolate chip cookie – or better yet make it a cookie combo with a small milk!

Calories in the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Each of the new Costco Food Court Chocolate Chip Cookies has 750 calories.

January 2024 Costco Food Court Menu

The lineup on the current food court menu at Costco includes a cheese pizza slice, pepperoni pizza slice, whole cheese pizza, whole pepperoni pizza, chicken bake, roast beef sandwich, rotisserie chicken caesar salad, hot dog combo, cold brew mocha freeze, fruit smoothie, ice cream sundae in vanilla or strawberry with chocolate or strawberry sauce, ice cream cup in vanilla or strawberry, soda, and of course the new double chocolate chunk cookie.

Costco Food Court Menu January 2024 with new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Image Credit: CostContessa | New Costco Food Court Menu Item January 2024: Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie


The new Kirkland Signature Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie in the Costco Food Court costs $2.49.

The Costco Churro, which it replaced, was $1.49.

Costco Chocolate Chip Cookie Review from CostContessa Blog
Image Credit: CostContessa | Review of new Costco Chocolate Chip Cookie from Food Court

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