New Costco Clearance Finds January 2024

Clearance Deals at Costco

I found these new Costco clearance deals at my local Culver City – Marina del Rey Costco warehouse. I’d love to know if you found deals at your local warehouse – please drop them in the comments so we can all keep our eye out for them too!

Costco Clearance Deals are a great way for members to save money on items that are being discontinued, overstocked, or seasonally phased out and post holidays each year in January is a time when we tend to see a LOT of markdowns on items at Costco. Scroll down to the carousel to see my January 2024 Clearance Deal Finds at Costco!


The Basics on Clearance Deals at Costco

These deals are marked with specific Costco price tags that differ from regular Costco pricing. The key to identifying clearance items is to understand the pricing codes on Costco’s price tags.

In short here are the basics but see the linked post above for a more complete guide to finding clearance deals at Costco both in-store and online!

  1. Price Ending in .97 or .00: .97 is the most common indicator of a clearance item at Costco. A price ending in .97 or .00 means the item has been marked down from its original price and is on clearance.
  2. Asterisk on the Price Tag: An asterisk (*) in the upper right corner of the price tag indicates that the item is being discontinued. Once the stock of these items is sold out, Costco does not intend to restock them.
  3. Variation Across Stores: Clearance deals can vary significantly from one Costco store to another. This is because markdowns depend on the specific inventory and sales performance of each store. As such, an item on clearance in one store may not be on clearance in another…or the timing of the markdown may differ…use these Costco Clearance finds as for ideas of what to pay special attention to and fingers crossed your find the deals you want locally!
  4. Online: Be sure to check for clearance deals online at Costco.com too!
Costco Clearance Finds January 2024 from CostContessa.com

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