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Costco Food Court Pizza – The Complete Guide

Costco Food Court Pizza by the Slice

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Costco Food Court Pizza. 2024 Prices, Menu Options, Calories, Pizza Slices, Whole Costco Pizzas, Ordering Food Court Pizza at Costco, and more! Let us know what you think of Costco Pizza from the food court in the comments (and any tips we’re missing!).

News: Costco has hinted that the Combo Pizza will soon be available in a “Take n’ Bake” version inside the store (but not at the Food Court)…I haven’t seen it yet, and I’ll update if that becomes available. If you spot before me please drop a note in the comments so I know to look!


For more details about the whole Costco Food Court menu, new additions and changes, check this post: Costco Food Court Menu

Costco Combo Pizza Discontinued

Costco Pizza Menu

Currently, there are two choices for pizza on the Menu at the Costco Food Court…Cheese or Pepperoni. While many Costco members have tried to persuade the company to bring back the combo pizza to the Costco Food Court., to date, that hasn’t happened. The current menu (as of Summer 2023) is still just Cheese or Pepperoni.

Costco Food Court Pizza Menu - Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza
Costco Food Court Pizza Menu – Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza

How Much Does Pizza Cost at Costco Food Court?

Whole pizzas at Costco Food Court are 18″ pizzas. Prices have stayed the same for many years, and in 2024, each one costs $9.95 and it’s the same price for cheese or pepperoni. That’s right, there is no additional charge for pepperoni topping at Costco!

How Many Slices are in a Whole Pizza from Costco?

Each 18″ Whole Pizza from the Costco Food Court has 6 slices.

The whole pizzas at Costco are cut into very large slices, they are the same size as the slices you buy individually. You could double cut them at home to make them smaller for kids or lighter eaters.

Costco Food Court Pizza by the Slice
Costco Food Court Pepperoni Pizza by the Slice

Although the food court doesn’t officially offer the service of “double cutting” or “kiddie cut” you can request it and many food court employees will accommodate that request (but be prepared they say no, especially if it’s busy!). If you don’t have a pizza cutter I find scissors are a good option for doing it at home.

How Many Calories are in Costco Pizza?

Each slice of Costco Cheese Pizza has 710 calories and each slice of Costco Pepperoni Pizza has 650 calories.

Each whole cheese pizza has 4,260 calories and each whole pepperoni pizza has 3,880 calories.

How many Weight Watchers Points is that? Just kidding. I don’t even want to know, lol!!

Do I need a Costco Membership to Buy Pizza from the Food Court?

Yes. You’ll need a Costco Membership to purchase food from the Costco Food Court, including the pizza.

Can I Pre-Order Whole Pizzas from the Costco Food Court?

Yes! You can call your pizza orders into your local Costco food court so they’re all made when you arrive! See linked post if you need to help finding the food court phone number for your local Costco warehouse.

Or use the Costco directory [on Costco’s site].

Currently, you cannot order Food Court Costco Pizza online or order it for delivery via any third party delivery services like Postmates, Uber Eats, etc.

Is the Pizza at the Costco Food Court Good?

Costco Members overwhelmingly love the pizza at Costco. You won’t find many haters.

The crust on Costco Food Court pizza is on the thicker side, which may be good or bad news for you depending on your pizza crust preferences…but no doubt, the Costco Food Court pizza is good and it’s even better when you consider the price point!

My Review of Costco Pizza from the Food Court

I personally grew up on thin crust pizza, and I like mine well done (like when you think it’s well done, put it back in and burn it kind of well done) so in all honesty it’s not my first choice for pizza night. That said, I can still happily eat a slice, it’s definitely good pizza even if it’s not my first choice of pizza styles! My kids prefer thicker crust pizza, and they LOVE it. For thinner crust pizza at a great price point, I highly recommend the Kirkland Signature frozen pepperoni pizza!

Can I use an EBT Card to Buy Pizza from the Costco Food Court?

It varies from State to State whether you can buy pizza from the Food Court using an EBT benefits card because some States restrict purchasing warm/hot food for immediate consumption – a reader recently updated us that it’s allowed and we did find that Cal Fresh (we’re California based) has temporarily allowed hot food purchases (through Feb 2024, though we wonder if that will be extended?). We’re looking into it for more States, but if you know your State does or doesn’t allow hot food purchases…that’s most likely the answer on whether you can use your EBT at the Food Court for pizza (same likely for rotisserie chicken).

If you have recently purchased Costco food court pizza with an EBT card PLEASE drop a note in the comments – and what state you’re in – as EBT rules can vary slightly from state to state. You can definitely use an EBT card to purchase frozen pizza or pizza crust kits inside Costco though!

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  1. Hi. Any idea why the cheese pizza has more calories than pepperoni? I would think that the pep. pie would have the same amount of cheese plus the added fat of meat.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I wonder if that varies from state from state? Last time I looked it up, it was not allowed – or maybe it’s changed? Either way, thank you for sharing and I’ll update that, I appreciate the tip – it takes a village ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Depends on the state, such as using an EBT card at a restaurant. In Washington state cooked food is not allowed such as a rotisserie fresh off the grill. Raw chicken is. Cooked it yourself!

      1. Thank you for weighing in on the EBT rules in Washington state! The EBT rules have changed a lot here in CA in the last few years – I understand some people need to be able to get fast food or premade food, but boy EBT won’t go far buying that! I agree with you- in almost all cases (Costco rotisserie chicken probably being one of very few exceptions) it’s much, much cheaper to make it! And definitely healthier ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very informative however what Iโ€™m trying to figure out is exactly what style of pizza is a Costco pizza?

    1. I would call it New York pizza. You can sort of fold it in half and eat it in the classic New York style. The crust may be a bit thicker than classic New York (that I have had) but I think that’s the most accurate style. I’m open to correction though! If you have it and think otherwise please let me know!! Thanks for visiting and hope you like the pizza!

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