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Buying gas from Costco is a great way to save on your gas expenses, but since there’s no “office” and it’s 100% pay at the pump, you might be wondering…what are the payment options at Costco Gas Station? Can I pay for Costco gas using Apple Pay? Can I use my Costco gift card to pay for gasoline? Can I scan my digital membership card at the pump? Can I use cash at Costco Gas Station? These are great questions…here are the answers!

Know Before You Go: Costco Gas Pumps currently do not accept digital membership cards, you need to carry your physical Costco Membership Card if you plan to fill up at Costco Gasoline Station while you’re shopping!


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Does Costco Gas Station Accept Gift Cards?

You can pay using a Costco Shop Card at Costco Gas Station, it’s not a separate/different gift card. If you’re planning to order the Costco gift card online, make sure you select MAIL at the checkout online…otherwise you’ll get an email/digital gift certificate. Only members can purchase Costco Shop Cards.

Does Costco Gas Station Accept Cash?

No, Costco Gas Station Pumps do not accept cash payments. Costco does take cash in-store, but you cannot use cash to pay at the pump at the Gas Station.

Does Costco Gas Station Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, You can pay at Costco Gas Station using your digital wallet (Apple Pay on an iPhone) as long as the card you select is a Visa. Remember, you will still need your physical Costco Membership Card – Electronic Costco cards are not yet accepted at the Gas Pump.

How to Use Costco Gas Tap Pay at the Pump

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