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2024 Costco Deli Platter Order Form

2024 Costco Party Platter Order Form

It’s a new year, and a new selection of deli platters at Costco (see last year’s party platter selection here). I’ve got the updated Costco deli platter order form for you below to download/print. If you’re hosting an event or party and are looking for budget friendly sandwich or appetizer platters, this new 2024 updated order form has 3 options to pick from. For 2024, the Costco party platters you can order in advance are the Sprouted Grain Sandwich Platter, Fruit/Meat/Cheese Platter or Shrimp Platter.

Discontinued: The croissant sandwich and swiss roller platters aren’t on the order form anymore. I’m as surprised as you are! I’m guessing we may still these available in the deli cases on occasion…let us know what you think of the swap in the comments!


Ordering Tips

These platters need to be pre-ordered 24 hours+ in advance – if you’re running late you can always ask nicely, they might do it with less notice, but they often cannot accommodate so be prepared. Never hurts to ask if your Costco is close and easy to run into…but I wouldn’t drive across town and waste precious time hoping they can. Unfortunately, you can’t really call and ask- it’s pretty old school and you need to go in-person to place the order.

We do occasionally see platters prepared and available for pick up in the deli refrigerated cases around holidays, but it’s pretty unpredictable what or when they’ll be there and we always recommend ordering them in advance.

How to Order Costco Party Platters - 2024 Order Form Downloadable
Drop Party Platter Order Forms in Slot in This Stand Outside Costco Deli

Deli Platter Order Form for US

Just like ordering the Costco half sheet cakes, ordering the Costco catering party platters is super easy – just fill out this form and drop it in the order box outside the deli. You must drop the form off in-store, Costco does not accept online orders for Deli Platters. You can download the form below – please note this form and pricing is for the United States only.

Costco Sprouted Grain Sandwich Platter - Order Ahead
Costco Sprouted Grain Sandwich Platter – Order Ahead

Order Ahead Party Platters At Costco in 2024

For 2024, the Costco party platters you can order in advance are the Sprouted Grain Sandwich Platter, Fruit/Meat/Cheese Platter or Shrimp Platter – details as follows:

Sprouted Grain Sandwich Platter

We’ve previously spotted these pre-made but they weren’t available for order – they’ve now replaced the croissant and swiss roller sandwiches on the order form.

  • Item# 32084
  • Serves 18 to 24
  • Roasted Chicken, Ham, Roast Beef,
  • Dijon Mayonnaise, Basil Pesto Mayonnaise
  • $47.99

Note on Dijon Mayo: This is a high fat, high calorie condiment (as is all mayo really…but the “dijon” might give you a mustard vibe and just a heads up for calorie counters…count this like mayo in terms of fat and calories).

Fruit, Meat & Cheese Platter

This is new to the menu – previously there was a meat and cheese platter – and we’ve seen fruit and cheese platters in the deli – we think a fruit and meat and cheese is a good all around party platter option so we’re excited to try this!

  • Item# 32062
  • Serves 18 to 24
  • Italian Salami, Soppressata, Grapes,
  • Aged Cheddar Cheese, Aged Gouda Cheese
  • $39.99

Shrimp Platter

These are often pre-made in the deli department around the December holidays – and shrimp platters are a huge hit so we think this one will stay! The shrimp is peeled btw 🙂

  • Item# 46021
  • Serves 20 to 24
  • Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce and Lemon Wedges
  • $39.99

We highly recommend ordering Costco deli platters in advance. Besides the weeks preceding major holidays, my store doesn’t normally carry any pre-made catering platters at all. The Kirkland Signature sandwich and deli party platters are a great deal compared to a traditional grocery store or deli prices! We recommend these!

Let us know your favorites in the comments – or if you have adaptations or hacks to doctor these up we’d love to hear them too!

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  1. Please bring back the meat and cheese platter. Our organization loved this. It served many people, offering a variety of meat and cheese choices and made an inexpensive sandwich to serve at retirement parties. Please bring this item back.

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