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Costco Sheet Cake Special Order Birthday

Sheet cakes are by and large the easiest and most affordable cake to feed a large crowd, and the Costco Half Sheet Cake designs offer a variety of themes for special occasion cakes as well as designs for upcoming holidays. Or, you can order your Costco half sheet cake without a design and add your own custom design to match your party theme! Both are great options if your looking for a budget priced sheet cake design for your next party or event. Scroll down to see the Costco half sheet cake designs available and download the special order cake form!

Costco half sheet cakes with custom designs need to be special ordered in the bakery in advance, pre-made sheet cakes are not in the bakery refrigerators so these aren’t available to just stop by and pick up. On any given day, you will find chocolate and vanilla round Bakery Costco cakes in the refrigerated case in the bakery – there are generally plain cakes without a design, a seasonal design (for example Footballs around the Superbowl or red/white/blue stars at Fourth of July), and a simple birthday design (usually balloons with “happy birthday”). And you’ll also find cheesecakes, mini cakes, special order deli platters and other prepared desserts.


How Far in Advance Do I Need to Order Costco Sheet Cakes?

The good news on the advanced ordering is that they don’t need a lot of lead time! Yay for that because advance planning isn’t our speciality, lol. The Costco Bakery only needs 24 hours notice for orders with your choice of sheet cake designs.

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Depending on the day and time you’re in-store, the bakery department staff may be able to get your custom cake done faster – you can always ask!

Cake Flavors Available in Sheet Cakes

When ordering your sheet cake at Costco, members can choose between chocolate sheet cake or white sheet cake. They do not offer marble or half chocolate/half vanilla. Exterior frosting is generally the same as the cake either a white buttercream icing on white cake or a chocolate buttercream frosting on chocolate cake.

Cake Filling

  • Chocolate cake comes with chocolate mousse filling.
  • White cake comes with vanilla cheesecake mousse filling.
Costco Sheet Cake White Cake
White cake with vanilla cheesecake mousse filling
Costco Sheet Cake Chocolate Cake
Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling

Costco Sheet Cake Order Form

You can download this special order cake form and print it, fill it out, and take it to your local Costco warehouse to place an order for the Costco sheet cake design of your choice and personalize a special message written on the cake. Confirm availability of the design at your local store before you drop it in (though these are pretty standard nationwide). Unfortunately Costco Bakery does not have an online order system, so you do need to go into the store to place the cake order. You can just drop the order form into slot on the cake kiosk though, you don’t have to wait to talk to someone unless you have questions or special customization requests.

Costco Half Sheet Cake Size

Half sheet cakes measure 13″ x 18″ and each half sheet special order cake at Costco has 48 slices (or serves 48 people.)

Costco Half Sheet Cake Designs

Lots of custom designs are available for special order half sheet cakes including rainbow, candles, baby shower, Costco Bear (our favorite and perfect for a baby shower!), roses, balloons and more. Exact cake designs change, and may vary by Costco location – check with your local Costco Bakery to see what other designs may be available for your Costco cake order.

You can also ask for specific colors to be used, for example on the roses cake or the candles birthday cake – if you want it in certain colors they can usually make some customizations for you!

Costco Sheet Cake Designs
Half Sheet Cake Designs Available at Costco
Costco Sheet Cake Themes - Special Order Cakes from the Costco Bakery
Special Order Cakes at Costco – Happy Birthday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re looking for a licensed cake for your next party like Batman, Paw Patrol, Disney, etc. you won’t find those at Costco, however if you order a plain sheet cake, it’s the perfect blank slate for you to add a premade licensed cake decorations in popular kids character party themes to the top of it.

Costco Half Sheet Cake Price

Kirkland Signature Bakery Half size special order sheet cakes at Costco costs $24.99 in-store. It doesn’t matter which design you choose, they are all the same price.

Please note that half sheet cakes are custom orders, these are not available without pre-ordering. Costco Bakery does not have ready-made sheet cakes. Costco.com also does not offer sheet cakes, however you will find some smaller sized cakes available with shipping like this gorgeous rainbow layer cake or this “mile high” peanut butter cake.

Half Sheet Cakes are Great For Serving a Crowd

With 48 slices each, the Costco Bakery’s half sheet cakes are perfect for a variety of special occasions!

  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Office Event
  • School Fundraisers
  • Backyard BBQs
  • Baby Shower
  • Wedding Shower
  • Wedding

Add Your Own Decorations To a Costco Cake

The sky’s the limit on how you can decorate these budget friendly cakes – there are tons of great fondant kits, cake toppers and edible designs available to order to customize your costco cake with licensed characters like Paw Patrol, Pokemon, Mickey Mouse, so don’t be limited by their designs!

Check out our Costco Half Sheet Cake Decorating Ideas board on Pinterest (see below) – we have a bunch of EASY Costco cake hacks to dress up a plain half sheet cake. They don’t require lots of skills or tools (you can find more that do on Pinterest if you do a quick search for half sheet cake hacks)…on our board you’ll mostly find really beginner, low skill (and low time commitment) cake decorating ideas!

See our Costco Half Sheet Cake Hacks for easy ideas to customize your cake!

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FAQs about half sheet cakes at Costco:

Does Costco still sell sheet cakes?

Yes, Costco sells half sheet cakes. These are not ready-made cakes, you must place an order in advance for a special order half sheet cake.

How many people does a Costco sheet cake serve?

Each half sheet cake at Costco has 48 servings.

Do you have to order a sheet cake from Costco?

Yes, Costco Bakery Half Sheet Cakes are only available for special order.

Can you order Costco half sheet cakes online?

Currently the Costco Bakery does not accept online orders, however you can down the Special Order Cake Form here and fill it out in advance and drop it off at the store.

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