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3 Net Carbs in Chocolate Keto Fairlife Protein Shakes at Costco

Fairlife Nutrition Plan Chocolate Protein Shakes at Costco!

Updated Nov 2023. The Fairlife Protein Shakes at Costco are a Keto fan favorite item. I’ve included the nutritional panel and the ingredient panel below. Fairlife Nutrition Plan chocolate protein drinks are gluten free and have 30 grams of protein and only 3 net carbs! Sweetened with monk fruit juice and stevia, the Fairlife Keto Protein Shakes at Costco have 2 grams of sugar and 150 calories. These Keto friendly nutrition drinks are also fortified with a number of other vitamins and minerals, packing a lot of nutritional punch per serving.

Availability: Fairlife Chocolate Protein shakes are part of Costco’s core product line in the protein shake aisle. These are generally available year-round, nationwide.


My Review

I think these taste pretty good for what they are – keep in mind they’re sweetened with monk fruit juice and stevia – there are many schools of thought on sweetener and depending on which you follow that alone will probably set your mind on whether you are interested in these.

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That said, these are for adults (in my opinion…I don’t give my kids stuff with sweeteners) and for the calorie count and protein count I think they’re pretty good. They’ll appeal the most to people following KETO, low carb diets, high protein diet, weight watchers, diabetics or reduced calorie count nutritional guidelines/diets.

They’re an easy grab and go breakfast or snack on-the-go option. They are also lactose free and gluten-free. I take them on the go to the gym, have one before a workout, use it as a meal replacement shake…or just satisfy that chocolate craving with less carbs and less sugar.

Fairlife KETO protein shake at Costco
Fairlife Nutrition Plan Chocolate Protein Shakes from Costco – 30g of Protein Per Serving

How much do the Fairlife Keto Protein Shakes at Costco Cost?

Fairlife Nutrition Plan Chocolate Protein Shakes are 11.5oz each and cost $31.49 for a case of 18 ct single serving bottles – or $1.75 per each shake. Costco item number 1485984.

Previous pricing notes: 2021: $22.49, Feb 2023: $28.49, Nov 2023: $31.49

Online & Same Day Costco Availability

Fairlife Chocolate Keto Protein Shakes at Costco are available on the Same Day delivery service or on Costco Business Delivery (note: you must have a Costco business membership to order with Costco Business Delivery, though you do not need a special membership to shop in-person at Costco Business Center.)

Currently, you cannot order Fairlife Nutrition Plan High Protein Chocolate Shakes at Costco.com, however you can order these protein drinks at Costco.com for home delivery such as Orgain, Evolve Plant Based Protein Drinks, Muscle Milk and Premier Protein.

Other retailers like Amazon do offer shipping on these ready-to-drink shakes, as well as additional flavors including caramel, strawberry and vanilla.

You can order the original Fairlife Nutrition Plan shakes online at Amazon in additional flavors including caramel, strawberry and cream, and vanilla, as well as Fairlife’s Core Power line of protein shakes.

Regional Costco Warehouse Availability

You can find Fairlife Protein Shakes in Costco warehouses nationwide. If your store doesn’t have them, ask the manager to order them!

Fairlife Protein Drinks – Product Details

  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Chocolate flavor
  • 11.5 ounce bottles
  • 18-pack
  • 2g of sugar
  • 150 calories
  • 30g of protein
  • protein comes from milk
  • 4g of total carbs
  • 1g of fiber
  • 0 added sugars
  • Does not contain Carrageenan

Nutritional Facts

The Costco Fairlife Protein shakes are fortified with a lot of good stuff! They are a source of your daily value of calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, iodine, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin D and more.

  • 60% DV of Calcium
  • 60% DV of Vitamin B12
Fairlife Protein Shake Costco
Fairlife Protein Shake Costco Nutrition Panel

fairlife nutrition plan is a light-tasting and smooth nutrition shake. With 30g of high quality protein, 2g of sugar and 150 calories, it is a satisfying way to get the nutrition you need. Try fairlife nutrition plan and support your journey with the goodness of fairlife ultra-filtered milk!


Visit Fairlife’s Product locator where to buy guide to find both Costco stores and others in your area that carry these!

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Fairlife Nutrition Plan Chocolate Protein Shakes at Costco! Keto, Low Carb, Low Sugar, 30 Grams of protein and only 3 net carbs! More Keto Costco Finds at Costco Contessa  www.costcocontessa.com
Step aside protein powder! Fairlife protein shakes are a keto-friendly and more delicious way to get plenty of protein and nutrients!

Fairlife Lactose Filtration Process

The Fairlife milk filtration process removes most of the lactose and the remaining lactose is converted by adding lactase enzyme to ensure all products are lactose-free. This combination allows their milk to maintain the creamy texture and taste you expect from milk.

Fairlife Protein Comes From Milk

Fairlife does not add powdered protein to their products. The protein in fairlife products comes from dairy milk which is ultra-filtered to concentrate the protein.

Have you tried this Keto protein drink Costco? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to tap your star rating below!

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Did Costco stop selling Fairlife?

Fairlife KETO protein shake at Costco

Costco has not stopped selling Fairlife Nutrition Chocolate Protein Shakes. They are available in Costco warehouses nationwide.

Does Costco still have Fairlife Protein Shakes?

Fairlife KETO protein shake at Costco

Costco carries the Fairlife Nutrition Chocolate Flavored protein drinks. They do not carry other flavors.

Where do I find Fairlife in Costco?

Fairlife KETO protein shake at Costco

You’ll find the Fairlife Nutrition Protein Shakes in-store at Costco in the protein shake section, alongside the other nutritional shakes like Premier Protein,

How much does Fairlife Cost at Costco?

Fairlife KETO protein shake at Costco

Fairlife Chocolate High Protein shakes cost $28.49 for a case of 18 single serving bottles – or $1.58 each shake.

What flavors of Fairlife Protein Shakes does Costco have?

Fairlife Nutrition Plan Chocolate Protein Shakes at Costco!

Costco warehouses nationwide have the Fairlife Nutrition Chocolate Flavored protein drinks available in-store. Costco does not carry other flavors.

All opinions expressed on CostContessa are our own. Product features and nutrition information provided on our site is provided to us by third parties, and we do not independently verify its accuracy. Consumers should verify all information. Our content is not intended as a substitute for medical counseling or reading packaging yourself. Please always see actual package information yourself (it can and does change!) and consult your doctor with all questions.


  1. Finally found Fairlife protein shakes at Costco in Wilmington North Carolina. The sweetener is monk fruit. Best 30g protein shakes I have tried. Going back to get more.

  2. I returned my Fairlife protein shakes after buying. Acesulfame and sucralose? Yuck. Everyone thinks they are so healthy but definitely not something you should be drinking daily or multiple times per day!

  3. The first time I had the Fairlife product it contained Monk fruit as the sweetner. The next batch I bought had sucralose which causes eye muscle imbalance for me. This has caused(slight crossing of my eyes requiring new glasses in the past. I am very disappointed. What happened to the Monk fruit as sweetner? The ingredient label above is different again with sucralose and Stevia leaf. I will not buy this product again.

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