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New at Costco! I have bought Fairlife Milk for my kids numerous times and I was excited to find these little shakes at Costco this week! My kids often have breakfast on the go, and chocolate anything is a crowd favorite here, so I cannot wait to try them! I’ve included the nutritional panel and the ingredient panel below. Fairlife Nutrition Plan(r) chocolate protein drinks with 30 grams of protein and only 3 net carbs! Sweetened with monk fruit juice the Fairlife Keto Protein Shakes at Costco have 2 grams of sugar and 150 calories. These Keto friendly nutrition drinks are also fortified with a number of other vitamins and minerals, packing a lot of punch per serving.

These Keto shakes from Costco make a great breakfast or snack on-the-go option for anyone and of course especially those following KETO, low carb diets, high protein diet, weight watchers, diabetics or reduced calorie count nutritional guidelines/diets. The chocolate protein shakes are also lactose free. Pack them for school, pack them for the gym, pack them for a road trip…or satisfy that chocolate craving in a healthier way with these low carb, low sugar chocolate shakes from Costco!

Fairlife KETO protein shake at Costco

How much do the Fairlife Keto Protein Shakes at Costco Cost?

Fairlife Nutrition Plan Chocolate Protein Shakes are 11.5oz each and cost $22.99 for a case of 18 single serving bottles – or $1.28 each shake. Costco item number 1485984.

fairlife nutrition plan is a light-tasting and smooth nutrition shake. With 30g of high quality protein, 2g of sugar and 150 calories, it is a satisfying way to get the nutrition you need. Try fairlife nutrition plan and support your journey with the goodness of fairlife ultra-filtered milk!


Wondering where you can buy these Fairlife keto chocolate drinks from Costco? Here is a where to buy guide both for Costco stores and others in your area.

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Fairlife Nutrition Plan Chocolate Protein Shakes at Costco! Keto, Low Carb, Low Sugar, 30 Grams of protein and only 3 net carbs! More Keto Costco Finds at Costco Contessa

Fairlife Lactose Filtration Process

The Fairlife’s filtration process removes most of the lactose and the remaining lactose is converted by adding lactase enzyme to ensure all products are lactose-free. This combination allows their milk to maintain the creamy texture you expect from milk.

Fairlife Protein Comes From Milk

Fairlife does not add powdered protein to their products. The protein in fairlife products comes from dairy milk which is ultra-filtered to concentrate the protein.

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Not a Costco Member? You can grab these Fairlife high protein keto shakes at BJ’s Wholesale in both chocolate and vanilla.

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