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Fulton Farms Organic Ground Turkey at Costco

Ground turkey at costco

Fulton Valley Farms Organic Ground Turkey is available at Costco in 2-packs. Each pack is 1.5 pounds, for a total of 3lbs. This is a 93% lean (7% fat) organic ground turkey, sold refrigerated inthe Costco meat and seafood open refrigerated cases. We purchase this product regularly and use it to make turkey tacos, turkey bolognese, turkey meatballs and more. Highly recommended from our family!

Costco organic ground turkey from Fulton Farms is raised without antibiotics and fed a vegetarian diet. If you’ve purchased this product, please leave your thoughts and review in the comments!


Fulton Valley Farms Organic Ground Turkey at Costco

  • Organic Ground Turkey is Costco Item 11750
  • 3 lbs total = 2 x 1.5 lb packages
  • $17.99
  • Shakes out to $6/lb for Organic Ground Turkey from Costco
Organic Ground turkey at costco
Fulton Farms Organic Ground Turkey at Costco

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  1. Hello – On your website, it says 3lbs = 48oz, which is correct. But on the package I purchased, it says 1.5lbs = 48oz.

    I bought this product paying attention to the oz.

    1. The packages are stuck together and I wonder if the labeling isn’t clear what is per each package and what is the combined amount? I’ve bought this many times, and my experience is that each individual package is 1.5 lbs or both the 1.5 lbs packages together are 3lbs. So if you need 48 oz then you’ll use both packages. Where you are seeing 48 ounces I think it says “net weight” meaning both the packages. Of course I can’t see your label so I’m just guessing…I hope that helps? Let me know!

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