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Hamilton Beach Upright 7 Drawer Freezer at Costco

7 drawer freezer at Costco
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If you are constantly running out of freezer space like me, then you might want to take a look at this Hamilton Beach Upright 7 Drawer Freezer at Costco! I love that it’s upright, it uses much less floor space, and makes it much easier to get in and out of it, and of course 7 drawers means you can truly organize your freezer!! Scroll down to the video to see the freezer inside!

We have a counter depth fridge, which has almost zero freezer space – and an extra freezer in the garage is a HUGE help. Actually, some days it’s a lifesaver! This Hamilton Beach 7 Drawer Freezer is the ultimate in food organization and storage!! Imagine having a whole drawer just for frozen fruit, popsicles/ice cream, frozen burgers, frozen meals, and more!


Costco got it right on this cubby drawer deep freezer and the price is even more amazing! It’s a simple white and it’s nice and narrow at just 26” wide so it’s a space saver – great size to slip into a laundry room, pantry or garage. But with 11 Cubic Feet of storage, the Hamilton Beach 7 drawer freezer at Costco can hold a lot of frozen food! The only real downside to note would be that it won’t hold large items like a frozen turkey. Some boxes of frozen food that are Costco sized may need to be removed from their box, but for the most part if this is a second freezer…I think you can use your other freezer for those one off large items and keep the rest nice and organized in this!

7 Drawer Freezer at Costco Product Features:

  • 11 Cubic Foot 
  • Freezer Dimensions: 26x26x68
  • 7 drawers
  • Flush Back Design
  • Easy Grasp Handle
  • Adjustable Front Legs
  • Large Capacity

7 Drawer Upright Hamilton Beach Freezer Dimensions:

  • 26″ Wide
  • 26″ Deep
  • 68″ High

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Hamilton Beach 11 Cu Ft Upright Freezer at Costco Item Number & Price Info

Hamilton Beach 7 Drawer Deep Freezer 11 Cubic Foot is Costco Item Number 1466477 and costs $349.99 in-store.

Currently, this upright 7-Drawer Freezer at Costco isn’t available online at Costco, however there are a few deep freezers on Costco.com available with shipping you can see here or you can find the Hamilton Beach 7 Drawer Freezer on Amazon here.

7 drawer freezer at Costco
Hamilton Beach 7 Drawer Upright Freezer at Costco – $349!

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What brand is the upright drawer freezer at Costco

The social media famous 7-Drawer Upright Deep Freezer at Costco is made by Hamilton Beach. Find it in-store at Costco or online at Amazon here.

Is the Hamilton Beach Upright Drawer Freezer from Costco online?

Currently, this upright 7-Drawer Freezer at Costco is not available online at Costco, it is an in-store only item. It is available online at Amazon here.

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