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Costco always carries a fun new type of Macaron cookie each season – we loved the heart shaped valentine’s macarons at Costco – and now the Costco Tipiak French Macarons for Spring are in! Beautiful colors and great new flavors. From Mother’s Day to Easter these will make a great dessert for all the Spring occasions (or for no occasion, lol!). Plus, they are gluten free!

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Tipiak French Macarons at Costco Product Detail:

The Tipiak French Macarons at Costco are made in France and the assortment comes with 36 macaron cookies in six flavors:

  • Lemon
  • Raspberry
  • Pistachio
  • Blood Orange
  • Blueberry
  • White Chocolate

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Tipiak French Macarons are Costco Item Number 1219464 and have a retail price of $15.99 for 36 macaron cookies.

Tipiak French Macarons at Costco - 36 Macarons in six flavors - cost - price $15.99 | See all our great new Costco Finds and Deals at

Where to Find Macarons at Costco In-Store

You can find these Tipiak Macarons at Costco (or whatever new boxed combo is current) in the specialty foods refrigerated aisles, adjacent to the meat section. More of than not, there is some style of Macaron available in-store (not always, but often!).

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