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Costco fan favorite Tipiak Macarons are back in store! These Costco French Macarons are in rainbow colors this Spring for March/April 2022 and we’re LOVING they looks of them! We haven’t tried this batch but we’ve bought these before and this is a great brand, generally beloved by Costco members! Plus, Tipiak French Macarons at Costco are gluten free!

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Rainbow Macarons

And the rainbow colors for Spring are perfect for all the brunch spreads coming up from Easter to Mother’s Day and baby showers, and bridal showers and birthdays and more! We love the colors, they are so festive and perfect for spring celebrations and hosting! And Costco French macarons come in a variety of flavors so there’s something for everyone!

If you’ve never had a macaron, you’re in for a treat! These traditional French cookies are made using two smooth crisp cookie shells and a flavored ganache filling using fruit puree, chocolate or pistachio. These colorful, gluten free macaron cookies might just become your new favorite dessert!

Spring 2022 Costco French Macaron Cookies in Rainbow Colors

Costco French Macaron Flavors for Spring 2022

Each box of the gorgeous rainbow macaron cookies at Costco features 36 cookies in six flavors. This season’s assortment features:


Peaches & Cream

Lemon & Yuzu



Intense Chocolate

If you can’t find these Costco macarons, you might like these macaron and treat assortments available to order now on Amazon:

Costco Item Number & Price

Tipiak French Macarons 36ct is Costco item number 1219464 and costs $16.99. That shakes out to about $0.47 each.

If you have ever purchased macarons from a French Bakery, then you know that’s a LOT less.

Gluten Free & Kosher

Tipiak Macarons at Costco are gluten free and certified Kosher, for those who are gluten intolerant or keep Kosher!

Costco French Macaron
Costco French Macaron Cookies in Rainbow Colors for 2022

Macaron Serving Ideas

Shower Favor: Repackage these macarons into rainbow cookie boxes using macaron gift boxes and send them home with wedding shower or baby shower guests as a take home gift. That shakes out to about $3 in cookies per guest, and the boxes are under a dollar. This is a beautiful gift for under $4 per person, and macarons are delicious, and look expensive.

Rainbow Dessert Table: Set up the rainbow macarons from Costco on a macaron cookie dessert platter/tower – arrange them in rainbow order, or separate them by color…whatever would go with your decor!

About Tipiak

Tipiak is a French family-owned company who has produced macarons for more than 20 years near the city of Nantes, in Western France. Tipiak follows a traditional French macaron recipe, making Macarons using almond powder, sugar, and egg white. Their ganache fillings use fruit puree, chocolate or pistachio for an extra rich, delicious flavor.

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