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Update: Costco Easter Egg Cake from Junior’s

Costco Easter Egg Cake

These adorable easter egg themed cakes are shaped and decorated like a chocolate easter egg! Each layered Costco Easter egg cake from Junior’s features layers of dark chocolate cake filled with white and milk chocolate and covered in chocolate…and then decorated in pastel pink and green and yellow like an Easter egg. No wonder they call it the “Chocolate Dream” Easter Egg Layer Cake.

We haven’t tried this adorable easter themed cake, but based on the visual appeal of it alone, we’re not surprised this is a very popular item this time of year!


Check out the photos in the post below – how adorable is this!?

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This year in 2022, the Costco Easter Egg Cake will cost $17.79 in Los Angeles – prices vary a few dollars from store to store but plan on $15-$17 for this adorable cake to compliment you Easter dining room dinner or brunch table!

Junior’s Easter Egg Cake 32 oz is Costco Item #572486.

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Costco Easter Egg Cake for 2022 from Junior’s – In-Stores Now!

Junior’s Cheesecake is always dropping adorable holiday/occassion themed cakes at Costco! Costco also sells a Junior’s heart shaped cake at Valentine’s Day as well as seasonally flavored cheesecakes like this apple crumb cheesecake for Fall!

Junior’s Egg Shaped Cheesecake

If you love cheesecake but think this egg is adorable…then check out the Easter Egg Cheesecake Junior’s is selling on their website…and they’ll ship it to you at home, how easy is that!?

Junior Cake at Costco - Easter Egg
Junior’s Easter Egg Cheesecake

Junior’s award-winning New York Original Cheesecake is baked into an adorably decorated egg-shaped and covered in a premium chocolate ganache. Junior’s hand-decorates these beautiful cheese cakes with colorful pastel buttercream and pastel colored white chocolate curls. It’s on sale right now for $38.95 and you can order it here.

Egg Chocolate Layer Cake or Egg Cheesecake?

Whether you choose the Costco egg shaped chocolate layer cake or the Junior’s egg shaped cheesecake…we thin you can’t go wrong! Both are going to look great on an Easter table!

Have you tried the Costco Easter Egg Cake?

Have you tried the Junior’s Costco Easter Egg Dark Chocolate Layer Cake at Costco? Tell us what you thought about it in the comments! We want to hear! Should we try it?

Costco Easter Egg Cake
Back in Stores for Easter 2022 — Junior’s Costco Decorated Easter Egg Cake!
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