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Ummm, hello, $5 off Hello Kitty Squishmallows sale online at Costco….yes! Everyone loves Costco’s Squishmallows – and they are SUPER well priced – and right now Sanrio licensed Hello Kitty Squishmallows at are all on sale for $19.99 each after $5 off! See all the Squishmallows available at Costco right now – Click Here!

Tip: Squishmallows don’t go on sale often at Costco!!

20″ Hello Kitty Squishmallows at Costco

All of the Hello Kitty Squishmallows on are adorable – but there are extra Hello Kitty Squishies beyond what was in the stores – you’ll find Keroppi Frog, Pineapple Hello Kitty, Tiger, Giraffe, Zebra, My Melody Watermelon, Tuxedo Sam Ice Cream, and more! They will make great Easter basket gift ideas, Mother’s Day gifts (for all of us millennial mamas who grew up with Hello Kitty!!), Summer Travel Pillows, or any other reason a Hello Kitty fan might need a gift!!

Squishmallows on on Sale

Here are a few of our favorites that are currently on sale for $5 off! These are all 20″ Squishmallows – you can also find the jumbo 24″ Squishmallows in other styles online at and currently also in-store!

Update: $5 Off Hello Kitty Squishmallows at Costco - Tuxedo Sam Ice Cream 20"
Tuxedo Sam Ice Cream Squishmallows are on sale right now!
My Melody Watermelon Hello Kitty Squishmallows at Costco is on Sale right now!
My Melody Watermelon 20″ Squishmallows at Costco
Hello Kitty Pineapple Squishmallows from on sale right now! $5 off!
Hello Kitty Pineapple Squishmallows on sale at Costco online right now!

We’re loving these Hello Kitty Squishmallows & toys from Amazon too!

Costco has tons of great toys for kids online – while toys and Squishmallows cycle in and out of stores – there are always great toy deals online! Right now LEGO Eternals In Arishem’s Shadow is on clearance markdown as is this magic set Marvin’s Ultimate Magic Box. And of course the coupon promo sale on Costco Squishmallows right now 🙂

Keep your eye out for those .97 prices! If you’re not sure what a .97 price means…check this post to see how to save tons of money when you shop at Costco!

We’re yet to see Costco markdown any Squishmallows – but we will be the first to let you all know when it happens to make sure you sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on social media!


We were wondering – how many Squishmallows is too many? We’re not saying we have too many, but we do love Squishmallows Hunting!

More Squishmallows you can grab right now for right around $20-$25 each! The Costco Squishmallow plushies are still the best deal in town…but there are sooooo many kids of squishmallows we can’t help but share all our favorite best Squishmallows hunt finds!

Squishmallows Under $25

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