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Grab All The Best Breakfast Foods & Beverages

Find your favorite healthy and nutritious food for the whole family for breakfast. Costco offers new and classic breakfast foods all the time, including plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, paleo and keto options. These come in both Kirkland Signature products and your favorite name-brand egg bites, quiche, cereal, frozen waffles, pancake mix, breakfast sausages, canadian ham, bacon and organic real maple syrup. You'll also find a wide variety of the best coffees, creamers and sweeteners. You'll find many choices in organic coffee, whole beans, ground coffee, or single-serve coffee pods for both Keurig and Nespresso machines. From Starbucks to Peets, new seasonal coffees are always coming in-store. You can grind your coffee in-store if you don't have a coffee grinder at home. Choose from a wide variety of sweeteners including organic sugar or sugar substitutes such as agave, monk fruit, equal or sweet and low.  And don't forget creamer. You can choose from milk, skim milk, lactose free skim milk, organic milk, lactose free creamer, flavored creamer or real organic whipping cream. You'll also find lots of new fresh organic juices, smoothies, nectar, kombucha varieties and organic tea bags.

Stock Up on All Your Pantry and Dry Goods

Save time and shop Costco to stock up on pantry staples and everyday dry goods, like pasta, crackers, cookies, chips and nut butters. You'll also find a wide variety of cooking basics like oil, spices, seasonings, and baking essentials including organic olive oil, avocado oil spray, himalayan sea salt and whole peppercorns. You can find all the essential canned goods and prepackaged foods that are helpful to keep on hand in the pantry, including canned tuna, canned salmon, beans, soups, canned tomatoes, canned black olives, fruit cups, fruit pouches canned vegetables.

Prepare, Serve and Store Healthy Family Meals

You'll find everything you need to prepare and serve meals at Costco, from pots and pans to flatware to paper plates to food storage and organization solutions, with new options arriving weekly.  You can keep everything in your pantry fresh and organized with plastic and glass food storage bins, plastic food storage bags, and basket organization systems.  Find everything you need for cooking meals with a variety of pots, pans, sheet pans, air fryers, toaster ovens, blenders, stand mixers, parchment paper, and cooking utensils, with new options arriving both seasonally and monthly.  Store your prepped food in glass food prep containers, plastic food sealing bags, aluminum foil, plastic storage containers or ziploc bags. There is always fun, decorative new serveware at Costco including bowls, platters, and glassware sets. Keep your eye out for wine glass sets, which come available seasonally in the early Fall!

Emergency Essentials at Costco

You can be well prepared for any emergency by stocking up on essential emergency food and supplies at Costco. Costco offers many pre-made emergency food survival kit sets that include multiple days worth of freeze dried or dehydrated food pouches, s well as emergency medical supplies, lights, flares and other emergency bag basics. Stock your pantry for emergencies with a variety of canned goods, first aid kit supplies, extra batteries, lanterns/flashlights, fire extinguishers and emergency power generators. You'll find new options arriving in-store regularly, and many, many more options available at costco.com.

Everything You Need for Your Cat and Dog

Costco has an entire aisle dedicated to cat and dog pet supplies. In addition to the standard bagged and canned foods, you'll find organic dog food, their famous dog beds and new varieties of treats. Take care of your pet's health with Costco pet supplies, which arrive seasonally including flea and tick prevention, dental chews as well as pet prescription RX refills available in the Costco Pharmacy.  Costco stocks new options for comfy dog beds and loads of fun chew toys for our furry four legged friends.

Enjoy Healthy Snacks, Sweets & Gourmet Keto Foods

Whether your tastes are salty or sweet, you follow paleo, keto, weight watchers or have food allergies, Costco has loads of new diet friendly choices of healthy snacks, sweet treats and low carb keto friendly food options. You can find every type of nut, dried or frozen fruit, trail mix, food bars and protein drinks and protein supplements. You'll find a variety of fresh and seasonal cakes, pies and baked goods, plus muffins, bagels, and fresh baked bread. Everything you need to stock healthy snack trays, cheese and charcuterie boards, lunch boxes, appetizer plates and snack baskets! For the kids be sure to grab goldfish crackers, animals cookies, individually packaged sliced apples, granola bars, hummus, guacamole, and potato chips. Hosting a dinner party? Costco stocks an impressive selection of gourmet cheese which are always changing with new and seasonal options, charcuterie such as salami and prosciutto and gourmet nuts such as cashews and pistachios. Find gourmet Keto friendly high protein low carb entrees including USDA Prime beef, king crab legs, chilean sea bass, shrimp, impossible plant based products and so much more! There are new options every time you go into the store, and we'll tell you all the good ones!

Everything You Need for Home Cleaning & Health and Wellness

You can find all your basic home cleaning, organization and personal care items at Costco. They constantly introduce new personal care items and beauty items, from well known beauty brands to high end shaving supplies, there's always somethig new in this department. Plus lots of options, and new ones always popping up, for face masks, n95 face masks, antibacterial hand soap, sanitizing hand wipes, hand sanitizer gels and sprays, as well as cold, flu and headache essentials. It's easy to stock up on these healthcare health and wellness essentials so they're available when we need them! There are also plenty of basic housekeeping supplies such as brooms, mops, rags, and cleaning products for the home, bathroom, laundry and kitchen. And of course toilet paper, flushable wipes, tissues and paper towels, keep your eye out they carry green paper products from time to time.


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