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I Cooked a Whole Brisket from Costco This Weekend!

Whole Brisket at Costco Review

I’ve seen the whole brisket at Costco dozens of times and it’s always felt like too much freezer space (LOL just being honest…I’m stingy about freezer space because it’s very limited round’ here!)…well I finally bought one and we smoked it (yes, the entire brisket all in one piece!) this weekend using a gas grill on low with a smoker box…not the real deal smoker…wish I had one! This is such a HUGE piece of meat, and would make a great Memorial Day or 4th of July BBQ entree – it feeds A LOT!

TLDR: the Kirkland Signature USDA Prime whole brisket at Costco was fantastic! I will buy it again, and I recommend it!


How I Prepared It and Review

We used a bbq rub mix from Savory Spice but you absolutely can use any BBQ rub you have on hand or like – I also like the rub recipe in this pork butt recipe – we use it on everything (I use it on chicken all the time!). The most important ingredient in rub is salt, so if all else fails just salt it well!

I Cooked a Whole Brisket from Costco This Weekend! - CostContessa
Image Credit: Marie Clark for CostContessa.com

Placing the meat off the heat (two burners set on low to the right, meat all the way to the left) and using a smoker box – we put the entire brisket in our bbq! We left the fat on- that adds a lot of flavor during cooking and can always be removed after.

Monitor BBQ Temp remotely to cook whole Kirkland Signature Brisket.
image credit: Marie Clark for CostContessa.com

We cooked it for 8 hours, using a digital thermometer to monitor the heat in the BBQ and the temp of the meat (highly recommend this!). We knew when we took it off that it needed longer, but the downside to experimenting when having company is not having total freedom in terms of timing…so we did need to serve it. So while was technically fully cooked at 8 hours, only the flat piece of the brisket was the extra tender texture that we’d ordinarily want from smoking. That said, that part of the brisket was fantastic and we were very happy with it!

Review of the USDA Whole Brisket from Costco
Image Credit: Marie Clark for CostContessa.com

My Recommendation

Kirkland Signature USDA Prime Whole Brisket at Costco

I will definitely buy the whole brisket at Costco again. Next time we will smoke it for 12 hours and that should do the trick. If you’ll be making this for guests on your first go around (it’s SO MUCH MEAT…it’s hard not to make it for a crowd…I mean what the heck would I do with 13 lbs of meat lol!) I’d say to plan on 10-14 hours to be safe depending on the size and thickness of your actual piece.

I’ll probably try out another smoked brisket again for a Memorial Day or Fourth of July BBQ – this will feed an army!

Whole Brisket Price at Costco

Kirkland Signature Whole USDA Prime Brisket at Costco costs $4.49 per lb. Each piece is about 12-15 lbs so expect to spend $60-$65 for the average piece.

The brisket I purchased was 13.5 lbs.

Whole Brisket at Costco Review
Image Credit: Marie Clark for CostContessa.com

Will the butcher at Costco cut a whole brisket so you don’t have to buy so much?

Whole Brisket at Costco

No. The whole brisket from Costco is only sold in a whole brisket, they will not cut it down at request. Costco often carries another smaller brisket called a flat brisket – keep your eye out for that for a smaller piece.

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