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Costco Deli Now Using Compostable Containers

New Environmentally Friendly Packaging on Cold Food Items in Costco Service Deli

I was excited to find that the Costco Deli is now using a new greener packaging on both rotisserie chickens and prepared cold foods. The bagged rotisserie chickens dropped a few months ago, and just last week I spotted brand new compostable packaging for the cold and ready-to-eat service deli items such as sandwiches and salads. I love seeing greener choices at big box stores because the sheer volume of the items sold means that even moderate changes translate into meaningful overall bottom line change.

That is not to make light of either of these environmentally friendly improvements – I actually think both of these new changes at Costco are quite significant and meaningful in terms of the their real environmental impact and how much space they take up in landfills. The Costco service deli sells a whopping 137 Million rotisserie chickens every year so the migration to bags is a significant reduction, and now the migration to the compostable packaging for cold items is overall a giant leap in reducing the plastic going to the landfill from prepared foods.


Note: Oven-Ready Costco Deli items are still sold in oven-ready packaging. These changes only impact cold food items, and ready-to-eat items.

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Even if I assume all of the packaging goes to the landfill, its decomposition rate would be a few months or a year versus a thousand years. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it a very positive step forward for a GIANT organization? YES!

New Green Packaging at Costco Service Deli - Cold Items in Compostable Containers
Image Credit: Marie Clark

I’d also note earlier in 2024 we saw greener packaging arrive on the Kirkland Signature Jelly Belly Jelly Beans which now come in a bag instead of a plastic bin. A number of specialty cereals such as Granola, Catalina Crunch, and Seven Sundays all come bagged instead of boxed. In 2023, Oral-B quietly dropped new green packaging on their 6-pack of dental floss at Costco – from a plastic sealed front to an all cardboard container. I even recently bought a Grove all purpose cleaner starter set at Costco with a glass bottle and multiple cleaner refills…packaged in cardboard.

New Earth Friendly Compostable Cold Food Packaging in the Costco Service Deli - Image Credit: Marie Clark for CostContessa
New Earth Friendly Compostable Cold Food Packaging in the Costco Service Deli | Image Credit: Marie Clark for CostContessa

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