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Burgoyne Handmade Greeting Cards at Costco are Back!

Burgoyne Handmade Greeting Cards Boxed Set at Costco is Back - May 2024!

I just found these again today and I know some of you are going to be SUPER EXCITED!! I haven’t seen these Burgoyne handmade greeting cards at Costco since 2022! I have always bought these boxed sets of handmade all occasion cards from Costco every single year and love always having a box of them on hand – many readers have sent me emails asking when they were coming back and yay!! They’re back for 2024!! The Burgoyne assorted handmade cards are a Costco fan favorite item and each of the 2024 boxed sets comes with 35 different, unique, and high-quality greeting cards with coordinating envelopes, packed in a high quality card sorter with tabbed organized sections. The card sorter is reusable/refillable.

Tip: I found this box along with a few others under a rack of books. Previously it’s been in seasonal items (and there have been a lot more boxes) but these are sort of snuck into the bottom of the books – really just luck I even saw it!


Why I Love and Recommend These

I highly recommend these boxed handmade assorted greeting card sets – they shake out to about $.57 per card when you buy them at Costco – and they’re GORGEOUS cards! Each one has a detailed multi dimensional design. Lots of embellishments, three-d, sparkle/glitter- they’re truly expensive and quality cards and these would easily cost $3-$7 each if you purchased similar cards in a drug store or traditional retail store. They save me a lot of money in the long run.

Even more important to me personally is just the convenience. Having cards on hand and not needing to run out to buy them saves time – I often order kids friends’ birthday gifts from Amazon (or we give gift cards) and with these on hand I have everything I need here. SO MUCH EASIER! The fact that they’re actually nice cards, and look expensive is icing on the cake. And the price tag is the trifecta! lol. Okay, they’re just cards…but I do highly recommend them!

Burgoyne Handmade Boxed Greeting Card Set at Costco Back in 2024 | Image Credit: Marie Clark
Burgoyne Handmade Greeting Card Set at Costco – May 2024 | Image Credit: Marie Clark

2024 Burgoyne All Occasion Cards Boxed Set at Costco

Each 2024 Costco Burgoyne Handmade Greeting Card Set has:

  • 1 Mothers Day
  • 1 Fathers Day
  • 1 Thank You
  • 1 Wedding
  • 1 New Baby
  • 1 Sympathy
  • 19 Happy Birthday
  • 10 Blank Cards

Happy Birthday Cards – 19

Each boxed set has 19 Happy Birthday Cards – these have AMAZING three dimensional embellished handmade designs. THESE are why I buy and love these Costco card sets!

In previous years I felt that too many of them (for my needs) were little girl oriented – while adorable – as the mom of upper elementary aged boys we don’t have a lot of girl birthday parties. So I’m happy this box has a lot more neutral cards that would be good for anyone kids, adults, men, women, everyone in between. This was a positive for me – I like this year’s Burgoyne card mix a lot!

Burgoyne Boxed Greeting Cards at Costco - Happy Birthday Assortment
Happy Birthday Card Assortment in Handmade Greeting Card Boxed Set at Costco | Image Credit: Marie Clark for CostContessa

Other Occasion Greeting Cards – 6

There’s also a greeting card to keep on hand for all the occasions that come along in the boxed set…Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sympathy, New Baby, Thank you, Wedding, etc.

Burgoyne Handmade Greeting Cards at Costco for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thank You, Sympathy, Wedding, New Baby | Image Credit: Marie Clark
Burgoyne Handmade Greeting Cards at Costco for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thank You, Sympathy, Wedding, New Baby | Image Credit: Marie Clark

Blank Cards – 10

This year’s Burgoyne handmade greeting card set also has 10 blank cards – these work well for a lot of different occasions I can see these working for thank you, good bye, teacher thank you, graduation, etc. Some really good ones here – LOVING the pineapple and lemonade and movie night cards – SO CUTE! I think the sandcastle one might be a repeat, looks familiar, but pretty all the others are new.

Handmade Greeting Cards Boxed Set Assorted at Costco
Image Credit: Marie Clark

More pics at bottom of post

2024 Burgoyne Handmade Greeting Card Set – Price & Item Number

Burgoyne Handmade All Occasion Greeting Cards 35 Count Boxed Set is Costco item number 1601308 and costs $19.99 in-store.

You can find these boxed greeting card sets online at Costco.com for $28.99 with shipping.

Price Drop: In 2022, the Burgoyne boxed card set had 30 different cards in it and cost $2 more than it does this year. In 2021 it had 25 cards…so it’s gotten larger and larger over time.

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