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Burgoyne Boxed Greeting Cards at Costco

Boxed Greeting Card Set at Costco

See Update Below. The 30 count boxed greeting cards at Costco are back in stock now for the season. These Burgoyne assorted handmade cards are a Costco fan favorite item and each box set comes with 30 different, unique, and high-quality greeting cards. Last year there were only 25 cards in this boxed set, we’re excited to see 30 unique designs this year!

2023 Update: As of November 2023 these have NOT returned to Costco yet this year! We’ve seen this beloved boxed set of greetings cards for many years (and we purchase them ourselves) so we’re hoping they return soon. In past years, we’ve seen this hit stores in September/October timeframe, so given it’s November and we still haven’t spotted them…we’re not sure they’re coming back 🙁 We’ll update this post as soon as we see them!


Why do I Like Burgoyne Boxed Greeting Cards at Costco?

I love these cards first and foremost because it’s incredibly convenient to have the assortment of cards available anytime. It saves me a trip running out individually just to purchase one card, and it’s significantly more cost-effective to purchase greeting cards in bulk. These boxed sets of cards shake out to cost about $.70 each when they are purchased in the bulk pack of cards from Costco. Which is obviously a huge savings over the 3 to 4 dollar price tag that we see in a traditional retail store.

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I also love these cards because they are really high-quality, and despite the price tag they don’t look or feel cheap. Each card in the boxed set is different, and most of them have some kind of three-dimensional decoration, glitter or sparkle, or some other type of High-quality imprint or design. There’s a wide variety of greetings and decoration, some are silly and playful, some are pink and sparkly, and others are more refined.

From kids birthday parties, to a Mom‘s birthday dinner out, to teacher appreciation day, there’s always some small gift or recognition that comes up from day today and it’s incredibly convenient to have a variety of greetings cards on hand. The majority of the cards in the boxd pack are birthday cards, but there are also sympathy cards, congratulations cards, blank cards, and more.

In the post below I flip through all of the cards that are in the assortment pack, hit play on it and you can see that the design styles and the quality of the cards. I haven’t purchased this year’s box yet but I’ll also include some images of the few cards I have left in my box from 2021, you can see they have adorable matching envelopes, 3-D designs, they are really super expensive looking!

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Boxed Set of Greeting Cards at Costco is Back In Stores This Year for 2022!
Greeting Cards at Costco
Greeting Card Boxed Set at Costco


  • 25 High Quality Hand Crafted Greeting Cards
  • 25 Coordinating Self Seal Envelopes
  • Keepsake Box with Organizer Tabs
  • Unique 3-Dimensional Embellishments, Sparkles, and More                            
  • Approximate dimensions: 11.8” (L)  x 3.3” (W) x 8.7” (H)
  • Note: Some cards may require extra postage
Burgoyne Boxed Greeting Cards at Costco - CostContessa
Burgoyne All Occasion Handmade Greeting Cards Boxed Set at Costco
Burgoyne Boxed Greeting Cards at Costco - CostContessa
Greeting Card Assortment Boxed Set at Costco – Handmade Cards by Burgoyne

Costco Item Number & Price

Hand-Crafted Greeting Cards 30 Count is Costco Item Number 2006186 and cost $20.99 in-store.

They are not currently sold online, however you will find these Papyrus Hand-Crafted Holiday Card Collection in-store at Costco

Wish a friend a happy birthday or send a blank card to let someone know you are thinking of them. No matter the occasion, the newest collection of All Occasion cards by Burgoyne boasts unique attachments, beautiful embellishments, and fun designs so you can send the perfect greeting. Cards come complete with a matching envelope, protective cover insert, and a cellophane sleeve. Everything is stored in a decorative keepsake box for your convenience.

Burgoyne Greeting Cards

Where to Find Them In-Store

The Burgoyne Boxed Card Sets are a seasonal item, and they are found in the center of the store with other seasonal items. You can expect these to arrive in the fall with Christmas/Holiday items, and are generally available through the end of December or into January.

ProTip: We do see them go on sale on occasion, so keep your eye out!

Greeting Cards at Costco
Burgoyne Handmade Boxed Set of Greeting Cards at Costco

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  1. Did the Burgoyne Hand Crafted Christmas Cards Assortment ever show up at Costco in 2023? I’m wondering if Burgoyne is still in business. I loved these cards and they were sold at a good price point.

    1. This year they had Papyrus hand crafted Christmas cards which were gorgeous – but the Burgoyne boxed greeting card assortment hasn’t come back this year – I keep checking online and in-store and I am SHOCKED not to see it! It was a favorite – I always buy one and I’m hoping it comes back!! Fingers crossed…

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