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Papyrus Handmade Boxed Holiday Cards

Papyrus Handmade Holiday Cards at Costco

We’re HUGE fans of Papyrus – but not the price tag so much – so we’re THRILLED to share that you can score 30-count boxes of Papyrus Handmade Boxed Holiday Cards in-store at Costco! Each one is different, and embellished and decorated by hand so you can pick the perfect card for each person on your Christmas card list!

These Papyrus Handmade Boxed Holiday Cards cards are truly gorgeous – there is no way a photo can do them justice! Papyrus cards are typically very expensive – we generally see them in the $6-$9 each range at traditional retailers – so suffice to say, this boxed set of handmade holiday cards from Papyrus are a SUPER bargain at Costco!!

Papyrus Boxed Set of Hand-crafted Holiday Cards at Costco
Image Credit: CostContessa
Papyrus Handmade Boxed Holiday Cards
Image Credit: CostContessa

Papyrus Handmade Boxed Holiday Cards Price and Item Number

Papyrus Hand-Crafted Holiday Greeting Cards, 24 Count Boxed Set, is Costco item number 1601276 and costs $29.99 in-store. Currently these are not available online.

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