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PuraVida Organic Vegetable and Barley Soup

PuraVida Vegan Organic Vegetable Soup at Costco

PuraVida Fresh Soups organic fire roasted vegetable and barley soup is now in-store at Costco. It’s made with organic artisan ingredients and is certified vegan. The soup contains no artificial colors or flavors and it’s cholesterol free. Note, this is a refrigerated prepared soup, so you will find this in the refrigerated Deli aisles alongside other prepared food. You can simply microwave the soup to warm it up so it makes a super easy and quick lunch on the go.

Note: An overwhelming number of Costco Members have reported a sour and unfavorable flavor in this soup – so if you’re wondering if you got a bad batch or if it’s the soup – it’s the soup. Previously this got great reviews, so we hope the issue is fixed soon! Let us know what you thought of it in the comments!


Ideas to Reduce the Soup Acidity from Lemon

If you’d like to experiment with balancing the acidic flavor in the soup, you can try a small pinch of baking soda or honey. These can balance the acidity that comes from too much lemon. We suggest you trial it with a few ounces and not the entire container – and if you’re using the baking soda use a TINY bit at a time – too much will ruin it. If you try these and have any luck, please share – there are many others in the same boat.

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Of course you can also return it, one of the great benefits of being a Costco member!!

What’s In It?

In this vegan soup, you will find organic pearled barley, tricolor quinoa, fire roasted zucchini, fire roasted carrots, fire roasted onion, fire roasted sweet corn, crimini mushrooms, fresh Roma tomatoes and kale and a rich tomato broth.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Each serving of the PuraVita organic vegetable and barley soup has 100 calories, 2 G of fat, 17 G of carbs, and 3 G of protein. it also boasts 15% of your DV of potassium and 6% DV of iron.


  • Vegan
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No cholesterol
  • Organic
  • 2 – 2lb Tubs
PuraVida Organic Vegetable Barley Soup at Costco - Vegan
Image Credit: CostContessa

Costco Price & Item Number

PuraVida Organic Vegetable and Barley Soup two 32 oz tubs is Costco item number 1760388 and cost $9.89 in store.

Find it refrigerated in the Costco deli.

Last Price Update: 10/26/23

Certified Organic by QAI. More information available on the PuraVida website.

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  1. I had such high hopes for this soup with its clean ingredients. Warmed it up and served it last night, even adding a little puréed sweet potato to offset the acidity. We are not ones to throw away perfectly good food; unfortunately, this was just not good. I’ll be reaching out to Pura Vida before making a return trip to Costco.

    1. I hear you – I’m sure you can see from the comments that you’re not alone in that experience! I hope they update the formulation because I agree, the ingredients are fantastic for a prepared/heat n serve soup!! Let me know if you hear anything from them!!

  2. This Barley soup definitely tastes sour—unlike previously purchased from Costco. I don’t dislike it—I like lemony taste. However, it is a bit heavy on the lemon, and I could see where many may not like it. Lighten it up!
    Glad to read that it is not bad.

  3. Just purchased this soup at North Tulsa Costco on Jan. 19th. Have to say it was horrible. Didn’t taste sour, just tasted awful. Threw the rest of my lunch down the drain. Hope my dogs will eat the other container of it as I would hate to waste the $$.

    1. Oh shoot. Its so rare that a product is so disliked by so many – I’m surprised to hear it’s still on the shelf! I know it’s a huge pain to take it back – but you should if you have a few minutes to wait in the line – it’s not just your tastes/preferences, it’s a widespread issue 🙂

  4. I truly am disappointed that Costco no longer has the soup in stock. We just loved the soup.

    Is there a chance it will be restocked?

    1. I’m still hearing from other members they’ve purchased it recently so I would ask at the front desk near the product pick up (like where you get tickets/gift cards/expensive liquor) and see if they’re expecting it back – I think there’s a good chance based on feedback I hear from other members. Hope you find it!

    2. Maybe a bad batch was produced. In that case, some of you truly missed out. The one we purchased was excellent especially after we added roast beef. I rarely find any premade soups good. Thanks for suggestion we will ask our local store.

  5. Just bought some today and yes, sour. I didn’t think it was spoiled. It just tastes like it has too much lemon juice in it. I think people who are vegetarian and vegan are used to a lot of lemon juice. Personally, I think it would taste a lot better without. Otherwise, the product is fantastic and super healthy.

  6. It’s even bad in Hawaii! Got it from Costco and did not like it. I thought it was spoiled or rancid do I checked and fount these same comments! Waiting to see if I can money back! Frank

  7. Bought this for the first (and LAST) time today. I thought it had pickle juice in it, so bad tasting. Why should I add something to make the bad taste go away? They suggested adding honey, so I added a little Agave to it and that did help a bit, but not enough to make me purchase it again. Quality Control must be lacking if others have said that this is sometimes a savory soup.

    1. Thanks for sharing – and we agree, shouldn’t need to add something to temper a bad flavor. We love the ingredients in this, and hope to see it reformulated but for now, it’s a pass for us too. Good to know agave helped a bit…thanks again for sharing!

  8. We were so excited because of the major ingredients. Who puts lemon juice in a supposed savory soup? Maybe we will avoid all of their products. Will PuraVida provide a response to this disappointing concern?

    1. Hi! Yes, it’s quite odd that it tasted so bad – previous versions have been well reviewed so I’m really not sure what happened this time – I don’t know about an explanation from the manufacturer (I agree that acknowledgement and reassurance that the broken link in the quality control chain has been fixed) would go a long way with customers – but to date I haven’t seen or heard anything. Please let me know if you do! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your review – it’s super helpful to others!

      1. If you find a good hack to make it taste better please let us know 🙂
        A quick google search suggests adding honey (or sugar) to balance the acidity – but I can’t say that honey in vegetable soup sounds quite right.
        It also mentions a pinch of baking soda (but to be careful because too much will make it worse not better).

  9. I have bought this soup on two previous occasions at Costco and bragged on how good it was.
    I bought some today and my wife and me both noticed it had a sour taste almost like vinegar.
    Not sure what’s going on as expiration date is 2-2024.
    I am throwing the rest out and can not take a chance on serving this to anyone in the future.
    That’s a shame as it is so good when it’s good.

    1. I have heard the exact same thing from at least a dozen people – I’m not sure if the recipe changed or what but it’s not just you/your package – it seems to be an issue across the board. Hopefully it will get fixed soon – fingers crossed!

    2. Tried some tomato sauce, olive oil, a little sugar. The sour is still strong but the taste a little more balanced. Baking soda is an interesting idea…

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