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TRUFF Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil 2-Pack at Costco - New Costco Finds

TRUFF Truffle Oil is a gourmet blend of olive oil and truffle essence, and we just spotted it at Southeast Costco stores. Each 2-pack of TRUFF truffle oil at Costco comes with two bottles of truffle oil, one white truffle and one black truffle. Currently we know that stores in the Southeast are carrying this TRUFF duo including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, etc.

We’re HUGE fans of truffle everything – from truffle cheese to truffle butter to truffle mac n cheese…the holidays are the Costco truffle season and we’re here for it! Some Costco stores carry TRUFF Sauce, and others carry the Urbani Truffle Oil – but depending on where you’re located, your store should have a number of various truffle options during November and December. Keep your eye out!


This is a periodic/seasonal item. It’s not part of Costco’s core product line, so it comes and goes and we tend to see truffle flavored items arrive at Costco warehouses just before Thanksgiving for the holiday season. If you landed on this post more than 60 days after it’s posting date, you probably missed it. You can still find TRUFF available on the manufacturer’s website and see all our new Costco finds here or follow us on social media to see our latest finds! If you’ve spotted this in your store please drop a note where in the comments, I know a lot of people will be looking out for this, it’s a super bargain at Costco!

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TRUFF truffle oil at Costco
Truffle Oil 2-Pack at Costco – New Costco Finds

Product Features

Each bottle of TRUFF truffle oil features a unique blend of olive oil and black or white truffle concentrate, infused with the distinctive aroma and flavor of black winter (or white summer) truffles. It comes in a two-pack, with each bottle containing 5.41 ounces of truffle oil, making it a luxurious addition to various dishes.

TRUFF Truffle Oil Costco Item Number and Price

TRUFF Truffle Oil, 2-Pack of White and Black Truffle Oils, 5.41oz each, is Costco item number 1766031 and costs $17.69 in store.

Last Price Check: 11/15/2023

Online & Order Availability

Truff is not available online, however Costco does carry Trufflehunter White Truffle Oil 2-Pack (8.45 oz each) with shipping for $37.99. Costco item number: 1667915

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