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Best Thanksgiving Turkey Deals Under $1 Per Pound

Whole Fresh Turkey at Whole Foods Thanksgiving Christmas

Inflations has driven up the price of many foods – and Thanksgiving can get expensive really fast if you’re on a budget – so I wanted to put a list together of the places that I know are selling a Thanksgiving Turkey for less than $1 per pound. Saving money on the main entree can really cut the cost of the entire meal! Of course Costco has loads of sides and desserts that are mostly priced the same as last year (no inflation on your Costco thanksgiving!) – see our Costco Thanksgiving Edit for those and scroll down for our best finds for whole Thanksgiving Turkey options for under a buck a pound!

Money Saving Tip: Use those leftovers! If you can’t finish all the leftovers (although I can personally eat Thanksgiving leftovers daily, I know many of you get sick of eating it) be sure to freeze them while they’re still good. You can freeze leftover mashed potatoes to defrost later and make a shepherds pie, or serve on the side of any meal really. Make a turkey bone broth with the bones – and you can freeze this too to defrost later to make soup. Freeze the turkey and use it in a casserole. Just make a list for yourself of what you put in the freezer, and how you can use it, and keep it on the fridge so when you’re meal planning to make sure to mix those in! Freezer space is precious, round here at least 😉


Whole Thanksgiving Turkeys for Under $1 Per Pound

We gathered up all the good money saving whole turkey buys – surely we missed some so if you spot Thanksgiving turkeys for under $1 per pound, please drop them in the comments so we can add them to our list!

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Butterball Fresh Whole Thanksgiving Turkey at Costco
Butterball Fresh Whole Thanksgiving Turkey at Costco

Butterball Whole Fresh Turkey at Costco is $0.99/pound

The Costco Butterball Thanksgiving Whole Turkeys are under a $1 per pound and are FRESH turkeys, and while there are a number of places you can grab a FROZEN turkey for under a buck, this is one of the few that’s fresh. No only does that mean you can get it last minute (because you don’t need days to defrost it) but it taste better. Most others for under a buck will be frozen…which is okay, just need to get it few days in advance!

Signature Farms Whole Turkey at Safeway is $0.89/pound

Safeway is selling Fresh Tom Turkeys from Signature farms for the Thanksgiving holiday for well under a dollar a pound, and these are fresh, not frozen. If you have a Safeway near you, definitely check these out, great price!

Kroger Whole Frozen Turkey is $0.79/pound

Kroger Whole Frozen Turkeys at Ralph’s (and other Kroger stores) are well under a dollar each – they come in a variety of sizes and these are a great budget buy!

Honeysuckle White Whole Frozen Turkey at Walmart is $0.98/pound

These whole turkeys at Walmart are also under a buck a pound, and sold frozen. Honeysuckle White turkeys are raised by family farmers, with no added hormones or steroids.

Good & Gather Frozen Whole Turkey at Target is $0.99/lb

Good & Gather Frozen Whole Turkey at Target is $0.99/lb, and Target also offers a complete Thanksgiving meal deal for $25 that includes stuffing, potatoes, etc.

99 Cent Only Stores Whole Turkeys for $0.99

While this Turkey Day Deal has passed – the 99 Cent Only Store was offering whole turkeys for a buck each on November 15th. Keep your eye on this deal next year!

If you’ve found good deals on whole turkeys for Thanksgiving please drop them in the comments below so others can look and find their holidays meals under budget. This year the Costco pumpkin pie is still $5.99 which another Thanksgiving essential for a great price!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Good Costco Buys for Thanksgiving

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