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New! Art from Thomas Kinkade at Costco

Thomas Kinkade Studios Art at Costco

Right now Thomas Kinkade Studio is on a road show doing in-store set ups selling art – there’s a huge variety of styles, frames, and prices! Thomas Kinkade is a very famous art studio – and beloved for it’s quality and affordable price point. And, it’s made in the US.

Of course the exact art available changes as pieces sell, but to give you an idea of what Costco members will pay for various sizes and pieces of Thomas Kinkade at Costco…here you go!


What do you think of the Costco price of Thomas Kinkade Studios art? I think it’s pretty competitive!

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Thomas Kinkade at Costco

Thomas Kinkade Art at Costco – Price Examples

Large Framed Thomas Kinkade Art Painting at Costco
Large Framed Art $159.99
Scenic Thomas Kinkade Art unframed on canvas at Costco
Small Unframed Canvases $59.99
Disney Mickey and Minnie Art from Thomas Kinkade at Costco
Disney Licensed Large Framed Mickey and Minnie art $279.99

How to Shop for art by Thomas Kinkade at Costco

Costco members can also shop online for Thomas Kinkade Studios art work through the Costco Next Program.

Thomas Kinkade Art at Costco Features

  • Authentic Thomas Kinkade Artwork
  • Licensed Character Artwork Including Special Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel Prints
  • Museum Quality Framing and Substrates
  • Thomas Kinkade Art is Designed, Printed, Framed and Assembled in the USA
  • Each Piece Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Specific Art Varies and Changes

Types of Thomas Kinkade Studios Artwork Available Through Costco

Currently, the Costco Next online sales program offers 4 categories of Thomas Kinkade Studios Artwork to Costco Members:

  • Thomas Kinkade Banner
  • Jewel Edition Canvas
  • Star Wars Fine Art
  • Limited Edition Canvas

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