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Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger at Costco

Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger

Have you spotted this oversized Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger at Costco? It’s enormous, with an ultra soft, furry cover and it’s large enough and firm enough for adults to use it! The Lounge & Co bean bag jumbo lounger is perfect for gaming, dorm rooms, playrooms, crash pads or anywhere you need a super sized movable comfortable bean bag chair!

Update November 2023: We spotted an updated Lounge and Co Jumbo Lounger in-store!! And, the Lounge and Co Jumbo Lounger is back online too!


Tip: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…this Lounge & co jumbo bean bag will expand 6 times the volume of the box it comes in when removed from the box! How fun is that?

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Jumbo Lounger at Costco from Lounge & Co - Back in-store now!
Image Credit: CostContessa

The Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger comes with a separate super soft and furry removable and washable cover. It’s a medium/dark gray to stave off stains, and features an ultra plush wide channel design. It’s large enough for an adult to sit or recline comfortably, but still lightweight enough a child could move it.

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Lounge and Co Jumbo Lounger Features

  • Dimensions: 50″ diameter x 22″ H
  • Machine Washable Removable Cover
  • High Density Premium Blended Foam
  • Plush Chenille-Like Fabric with 1″ channel design
  • Lightweight and Easy to Move Around

Costco Item Number & Price

The Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger is Costco Item Number 1657750 and costs $149.99.

Find the Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger at Costco.com available for delivery in this gray shown above for $169.99 including shipping.

Price includes 1 insert and 1 machine washable polyester cover.

The previous version of this Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger was Costco Item Number 1440493 and cost $119.99. So that’s a $40 increase since the last time we spotted it in-store. This product was also available on the Costco.com website for delivery. Photo of previous version with a zig-zag design below:

Lounge & Co Jumbo Bean Bag Lounger

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Costco carry the Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger?

Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger at Costco

Seasonally, Costco carries the Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger in-store. This product is also available on the Costco.com website for delivery.

How much does the Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger from Costco cost?

Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger

The Lounge & Co Jumbo Lounger is Costco Item Number 1657750 and costs $149.99 or $169.99 online with shipping.

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  1. Thanks for the great review shill for Costco. I hope they pay you well for your honest reviews ( because I know what they pay some of the other um honest social influencers).

    1. I don’t know anyone in my space who’s sponsored by Costco. But if you do, share the deets, apparently you know more than me! Cheers!

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