Costco Coupon Book May – June 2024 Ad Scan

Costco Coupon Book May 2024 - June 2024 Ad Scan Booklet

Here’s the ad scan of the upcoming Costco Coupon Book May – June 2024. This savings book is valid from May 15, 2024 thru June 9, 2024. This coupon booklet includes deals in-warehouse and will go live in stores and online at on May 15th. You can preview the Costco Savings Book coupon offers below – I save a lot of money planning out my purchases a little to buy all my staples and basics when they’re on sale!

I highly recommend taking a quick look before your next Costco run! If you landed on the wrong month’s deals or are looking for the Business Center coupons – see all our Costco Coupon Books to find the right one.

Costco Coupon Book May - June 2024
Image Credit: Marie Clark

My Favorite Costco Deals in the May – June 2024 Coupon Booklet

If you want to save money on household basics, this is a great month to stock up on laundry detergent, dishwasher pods and Oxi stain remover. I love the Tide Free and Gentle Liquid detergent and Cascade Platinum Plus pods for the dishwasher – these are core products at my house. As is aluminum foil (this lasts me a loooooong time as I use mostly parchment when cooking but I absolutely use it and buy it at Costco to save money in the long run!) coupon deal!

  • $5 Off Tide Free & Gentle HE Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • $5.40 Off Tide PODS + Downy HE Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • $5.30 Off Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil
  • $3.60 Off Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Fresh HE Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • $5 Off Cascade Platinum Plus Dishwasher Detergent Pods
  • $3.60 Off Downy Fresh Protect In-Wash Scent Beads
  • $3 Off Downy April Fresh HE Liquid Fabric Softener
  • $4 Off Tide + Downy HE Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • $5.60 Off OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover

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Costco Coupon Book May – June 2024 – Ad Scan

These deals are valid from May 15 to June 9, 2024.

Costco Coupon Book Offers for May - June 2024
May – June 2024 Costco Coupon Book Ad Scan – Image Credit: Marie Clark

I think the 13×13 canopy for $109 is a good deal! I don’t have it, but that’s the kind of product I think Costco buyers are really good at – seeking out reliable good quality for a great price.

Costco Coupons May - June 2024 - Deals on health, wellness, Oral-B, Gillette, Olay
Image Credit: Marie Clark

I love these Oral-B electric toothbrushes – I use them for both of my kids and recommend.

Small Appliances and Grooming Sale May 2024 - June 2024
Image Credit: Marie Clark

Definitely worth stocking up on the razor refills when they’re on sale – I grabbed a box last time and still have some left this lasts me a long time. And good deal on the nutri bullet – I love how small it is, doesn’t take up a lot of space on the counter or storing in a cabinet! My nutribullet is about 12 years old and it STILL works, lol!

May 2024 - June 2024
Image Credit: Marie Clark

The Kohler kitchen faucet is gorgeous! Looks really expensive and Kohler is a great brand for hardware/faucets. And $3 coupon on batteries is a great deal – pays to buy these when they’re on sale if you use a lot. Check online for more of the Filtre options – there are more sizes online.

Home and Clothing Coupon Deals at Costco May 2024 - June 2024
Image Credit: Marie Clark

Costco has some great clothing deals online that aren’t in-store – and online I always use the Costco Clothing Coupon to save even more. I spotted a bunch of Nike stuff for men, Birkenstock sandals, plus lots of clearance deals (stack clearance with the coupon for the BEST deals).

Sporting Goods and Home Cleaning Special Offers May 2024 - June 2024
Image Credit: Marie Clark

I love the camping chair on sale! I don’t have it – we have the Cascade ultra lightweight ones – but this looks great – I’d love to get one of these too! $10 coupon is pretty good!

Home and Appliance Deals at Costco May 2024 - June 2024
Image Credit: Marie Clark

If you’re interested in large items like furniture, sheds, or appliances definitely check online – there are additional savings on Costco Direct items when you buy several at once – While these are all cheaper in-store, they’re not consistently in-store, and transporting these huge boxes home can be a headache and additional expense. I’ve had great luck with Costco’s home delivery and assembly services and recommend them!

Ad Scan Coupon Booklet - Costco Deals - May 2024 - June 2024
Image Credit: Marie Clark

Super Costco coupon deals on laundry this month!

Costco Food and Snack Coupon Offers May 2024 - June 2024
Image Credit: Marie Clark

I know some of you will be excited for the Red’s Keto Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches – not only are they back but on sale! These are very popular for low carb breakfast on the go – my non-picky kiddo likes them too – but just note it’s sausage between egg patties NOT an english muffin 🙂

Costco Coupons Ad Scan May 2024 - June 2024 -Health, Wellness, Vitamins, Supplements
Image Credit: Marie Clark

I’m definitely going to grab the Chobani Flips – my 10yo loves those and they are crazy expensive at Whole Foods!

Costco Coupons Supplements and Vitamins - May 2024 - June 2024
Image Credit: Marie Clark

Costco has TONS of vitamins and supplements and protein powders and protein drinks – but there are even more online. You can find really niche specialty brands and items online – if you’re into supplements I’d definitely recommend seeing what deals they have online.

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Which coupons will you be using? Would love to hear which deals you are getting, recommend or – dislike too! Please share your thoughts below!

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