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How Cool is the 30-Foot Constant Air Slip n’ Slide at Costco!?

Costco Slip n' Slide - New for 2024

Wow! The Wham-O Slip and Slide has come a long way since I was a kid and even since the previous Slip n’ Slide we saw at Costco back in 2022- to say the least! This new Constant Air Slip n’ Slide at Costco is 30-feet long and unlike the grassy, dirty, rocky slip n’ slide I grew up with constant air means it inflates so it’s cushy and soft. This is so much better in my opinion…plus it inflates in one minutes, has small sidewalls and a built in sprinkler arch. Now, the price tag also doesn’t look anything like the old twenty buck slip n slide I grew up with, that’s for sure!

I haven’t bought it yet but I think my 10 and 11 year old boys would love this. I am an urban dweller I need to measure our backyard first…I don’t think I have room for it sadly. So don’t show it to them, please lol. For those of you have a nice big backyard…read on! Also check out the Water Slide Bouncy that’s in-store – it’s pretty cool too!


The new slip n slide at Costco comes with everything you see in the image – there’s the 30-foot inflatable water slide, a blower motor, water spraying hose, ground stakes, anchors, a storage bag and an air patch just in case.

Constant Air Slip n’ Slide Costco Price and Item Number

Wham-o Constant Air 30-Foot Slip n’ Slide Set costs $199.99 in store at Costco. It’s Costco Item #1786468

In 2023, Costco didn’t carry one at all, but in prior years Costco did carry a prequel Super Slip n’ Slide with small sidewalls and – like old school Slip n’ Slides – was flat on the ground. It was $99.99.

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