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Costco Slip n Slide

costco slip n slide

Cool off and burn some energy at the same time on this 26′ Costco Slip n Slide! Super spraying water jets along the entire length of the slide keep you and the slide wet and slippery on hot days for smooth sliding! This isn’t just your old school slip n slide…this is a SUPER version of the old school slip n slide from Wham-O…it’s everything fun about the one you had when you were a kid except you don’t slide off the sides AND you can snap two of them together to make it double long. This is the Costco Super Slip ‘N Slide from Wham-O and it’s only at Costco!

For even faster sliding, the WHAM-O Super Slip ‘N Slide at Costco comes with 2 super-sized inflatable Boogie Boards to give you a cushioned landing and really make you fly! No more sliding down on your belly anymore!


2022 Super Slip n’ Slide Update

The Costco Slip n’ Slide is back for Spring and Summer 2022 – AND – it’s the same price as last year!

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The 2022 Wham-O Super Slip N Slide at Costco is Costco Item Number 2622073 and costs $99.99 in-store.

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Costco Super Slip ‘N Slide 2022

Our Review

So basically our kids get a fabulous version of the long piece of tarp we had as kids…but honestly…if they use it for longer and burn more energy and are happy and tired and go to bed earlier…do we care? Nope. Slide on, kids. Laugh. Make Memories. Go to bed. Slide on…

You know your kids are going to love this! Now can you keep the adults off it so the kids can have a chance to use it? That might be the big question! lol. But really, this looks super fun!

We don’t have it yet, but we have friends who have it and love it, and look forward to trying it out this summer! It’s a classic summer backyard water activity and we’re loving the bumpers, water sprayers, and boogie boards added to this – seems much more fun and safer to us!

Costco Super Slip N Slide Product Features

  • 28 Gauge Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • 6 Feet Wide
  • 26 Feet Long
  • Inflatable Bumpers on Both Sides
  • Inflation Pump Included
  • 2 Boogie Boards Included
  • Ages 5-12 Per Manufacturer
  • Option to 2 Slides Together
  • Includes 6 Ground Stakes
Costco Slip n Slide from Wham-O. Super Version is 26' long with inflatable bumpers, comes with 2 boogie boards. $99

Costco Item Number and Price

Wham-O Slip N Slide is Costco Item Number 1330885 and has a Retail Price of $99.99. The Super Slip N Slide is also available online at Costco.com for the same price here, delivery is $4.99.

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Sam’s Club sells a similar bumper waterslide for the same price from WOW World of Watersports.

Video Review I Found – This is a little long (fair warning) – You might roll forward to about 2:30 but it gives a pretty realistic view of setting it up…and if you roll to the very end you can see the little girl using it if you’d like to see it in use by a real kid.

Please note: I am not affiliated with this video in any way just came across this and thought sometimes it’s helpful to see toys like these set up and used by a real parent/kid (versus a manufacturer’s perfected video).

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From The Manufacturer:

If you want to keep cool on a hot day and have fun at the same time… get soaking wet!

WHAM-O® has been creating outdoor fun with the original Slip ‘N Slide® since 1961. The original 25-foot slide has continued to evolve and now the wacky world of WHAM-O® brings you the Super Slip ‘N Slide®! For summer fun… all you have to do is FOLLOW THE YELLOW SLICK ROAD!

Race your friends for All-Day Fun on the giant 26 ft x 4 ft WHAM-O® Super Slip ‘N Slide®! It’s made with heavy-duty 28-gauge vinyl with 6 ground stakes to keep it in place. The over-sized inflatable bumper rails keep you and your friends on the slide. An easy-to-use pump is included to get the sliding started right away.

For easy setup, WHAM-O’s CONNECT-N-GO system will get the water where it needs to be… on your Super Slip ‘N Slide®. Now go out and SLIDE!

Do you have a Wham-O Super Slip N Slide? What do you think? Any tips? Safety, storage or fun games? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below! It takes a village! Or drop a star rating!

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